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If you came to my profile to attack me based on my personal opinion on something (such as disliking a certain character, ship, story, etc.), please remember that not everyone will have the same opinion as you. I apologize if anything I say gets out of hand (such as having a heavy opinion on a character, etc.) If I have said anything hurtful, I sincerely apologize. However, please respect and do not attack my personal opinion(s)!! Thanks!

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Now umm enough about the warning thing, here's some stuff about me lol

Name: Sakura Miruku (not my real name but i like it and i don't want to expose my actual name ✌️)

Sex: Female

Age: a minecraft miner 😡

Blood type: B (I'll expose that blood type tho lol)

Horoscope: Taurus sun, Scorpio moon, Cancer rising

Ethnicity: Cambodian-Filipino/Asian

Nationality: American

Hobbies: drawing, playing the melodica/piano/ukulele/guitar, playing video games, designing, editing, skating

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Idk why I'm making this a category but here are some characters I legit have romantic feelings for (yes, unironically.. 😵):

Leorio Paladiknight (Hunter x Hunter)♡

Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)♡

Kazuichi Souda (Super Danganronpa 2/Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy)

Karamatsu Matsuno (Osomatsu San)♡

ok they're all dummy hot 😳 don't judge my tastesss

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Here are some things I also enjoy doing:

Figure collecting! (lol here's my figure collection: https://myfigurecollection.net/profile/sakuramiruku)

Plushy collecting! (drowning in plushies rn brb)

Gaming! (I love overwatch, minecraft, roblox, tf2, ac, splatoon, ddlc, ssb, earthbound, undertale, the sims 4, resident evil, and genshin impact)

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Q&A (idk)

Q. When did you watch/get into anime?

A. Since 2012/2013 bbyyy 😩 But I fully started getting into it in 2015

Q. What was your first anime?

A. Studio Ghibli movies!! But the first anime series I watched was Madoka Magica and Soul Eater 😎

Q. Do you prefer shounen or shoujo?

A. I like both 🧚

Q. Do you prefer dub or sub?

A. Both, but I only watch dub when I feel like it (its complicated lol)

Q. Manga reader or anime watcher?

A. Anime watcher 😔👊

Q. Yuri or Yaoi/GL or BL?

A. Both 🤠

Q. Favorite anime?

A. I have a bunch but my favorites are: Danganronpa: The Animation, Deathnote, Soul Eater, Osomatsu-San, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Lucky Star, Ouran High School Host Club, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan (ik the genres are all over the place xd)

Q. Favorite game?

A. Genshin impact!!! *nervously glances at tf2 tho*

Q. Favorite characters?

A. Look at my favorite characters list lol

Q. Favorite genre?

A. I like psychological, drama, comedy, and action anime (ik it's a lot)

Q. What dere type are you?

A. Tsundere probably..

Q. What's your favorite aesthetic(s)?

A. tbh idk ^_^ 

Q. What's your favorite song?

A. https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ 

Q. What's your favorite animal?

A. Cats and red pandas!

Q. What pronouns do you use?

A. I mostly use she/her but any pronouns are fine! 

Q. Who's your waifu?


Q. Who's your husbando?

 the gifs u saw...

Q. Do you read fanfiction?

Honestly I'm just talking to myself at this point,, but everyone else needs to know so yes I do read fan fiction 😩 unironically... ik it makes my attachment with my fictional crushes even worse but idgaf anymore bc I love them so much 😔

Q. Why do you have feelings for fictional characters?

A. Tbh I don't really have an answer for that. I'm just a very attached and lonely person ig :-(

Q. Why do you keep saying "lol"?

A. lol

Q. Why are your anime lists/manga lists locked?

A. Bc my favorite bl and gl mangas/manhwas are weird looking 😵

Q. How do you rate a certain anime/series?

Q. ★☆☆☆☆ = I would only rate something with a one star if it looked like there was no effort put into the animation, voice acting, etc (fun fact: I've never given anyone or anything a 2 star or below because im wayyy too nice)

★★☆☆☆ = If I put a 2 star, I probably noticed SOME effort put into it

★★★☆☆ = If I put a 3 star, it was probably watchable, but meh imo

★★★★☆ = If I put a 4 star, I probably liked it, but it wasn't my fave

★★★★★ = If I put a 5 star then it's probably my favorite series ever >_<

So, that's my rating system! Honestly, this is just my opinion, so no hate or anything

Q. Lastly, why do you have anime-planet?

A. Anime planet is really helpful for keeping track of how long I've been wasting my life on anime 💫

.·:*¨༺ ☆ ༻¨*:·.

Thanks for visiting my profile! Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes

I might add things to my bio sometimes so I guess it's kinda under construction but feel free to ask questions and maybe consider following me??? idk lol

˙˚ଘo(∗  ❛ั ᵕ ❛ั )੭່☆

also send memes because im a big memer 😵

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KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 6, 2022


random question

do u have a fav anime character??

(i see u play ddlc??)

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 2, 2022

you seem really cool so ima follow u 

sothis Nov 3, 2021

Hello! I see you've marked Genshin Impact characters in your loves/hates - are you a fellow player? If so, do come check out our Anime-Planet official Discord server, as we've had a discussion channel for the game since it launched, and a bunch of us (including me and quite a few of the database moderators) chat in there regularly about it. We also do group wishing sessions when new banners drop, talk about events, good builds, etc. 

The server also has anime/manga/webtoon discussion channels, general off topic and gaming convos, etc. Hope to see you in there sometime :)

xALICExMIKUx Aug 8, 2021


stardust2222 Jul 31, 2021

You are welcome