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i enjoy the illustrated medium form both sides of the planet, united states is my home land ,and english is my home lanuague

the all anime challenges is the challenge i chose, beacuse anime watching is a marathron not a race, and all my lists are backlogged

i do both subs and dubs, grant it some subs are better than dubs and vice versa but the point here is to watch, enjoy and rewatch shows   

my star rating: 1.terrible, 1.5 bad, 2. passable, 2.5  below average, 3. average, 3.5 above average ,4.great,4.5 excellent, 5. masterpiece  

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RGITheAnimeGuy Dec 2, 2019

You're not wrong there my friend! Love this series, just the cool vibes, interesting stories, awesome music, I could go on! Saeba is epic would love to see him paired up with Lupin, the ladies wouldn't stand a chance! XD

HKBattosai Oct 7, 2019

Hi invader257! Arigatō for the follow. It's nice to meet you. Please feel free to comment or chat with me anytime on my A-P profile or my >forum< profile. If you're curious about what I've seen, then >here< is my list of Watched anime. Maybe it'll give you some ideas of anime to watch. Plus, I am definitely open to suggestions as well. If you want to check out some "custom lists" for even more ideas, then mine begin >here<. I enjoy making and maintaining them and I have a bunch that are Featured too. Maybe you'll get some cool ideas from them. ^_^

Lastly, it's great that you've been a member on anime-planet for so long. Again, thank you for the follow! Until next time, sayōnara!


KarinXOXO Oct 7, 2019

Thanks for the following! Following you back!