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——Here is a list of animes that I really enjoyed—— 

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                     I present to you...

                                                  my top 3 animes... 
















I tend to dislike most romance, ecchi, reverse-harem and harem, drama, school life, and comedy animes, however, sometimes I find some from these genres that I really enjoy, so it heavily depends on the anime. The reason why I usually dislike most of these titles is cause they bore me to death. Oh and titles with sexual assault (towards anyone) that's used for solely fanservice means disgust me to no end. If you wanna get off to rape go watch some hentai, we don't need to see that shit fetishized in mainstream anime.

I enjoy watching dark animes, it doesn't necessarily have to be horror, centering around serious themes and being violent is enough. I especially love animes which blend fantasy and such dark elements together (so, yes, dark fantasy).

Fantasy animes are my comfort animes. I'm a sucker for fantasy involving another world and mythical creatures of any kind. Fantasy subgenres that I like the most aside from dark fantasy are: (1) Traditional Fantasy [take place solely in another world, involve magic/creatures], (2) Japanese & Chinese Mythology [include yokai, gods, the spirit world], (3) Isekai & Reverse-isekai, and, taking it a step further, (4) Witches & Sorcery.

Going back to dark and serious animes, some additional subgenres that fall under those categories that I enjoy considerably--again, aside from horror and dark fantasy--are: (1) Crime, Mafia, and Mystery, (2) War & Military, (3) Historical [majority of which are feudal Japan inspired], and (4) Cyberpunk and Sci-fi [post-apocalyptic animes especially]. I like works that have a deeper meaning, be it existential or simply about human suffering, but I will indulge in fanservice-y fluffy stuff once in a while.

Now, going into Japan-only terms, I tend to like seinen the most, followed by shounen, yaoi/bl, shoujo, and yuri/gl. Some joseis are nice, but I don't usually like them.

Although I just highlighted what I simply tend to dislike, I'm pretty open minded, I'll give almost anything a try, can't judge until you watch it amirite?

*FULL FAVORITES LISTS  [try and ignore my cringy commentary I wasn't feeling okay when I wrote them (╥_╥) ] 


                    - ISEKAI & RPG ANIMES, has some reverse-isekai as well

                    - SPIRIT WORLD ANIMES, spirit world animes, especially those focusing on Japanese mythology

                    - WITCH & SORCERER ANIMES, includes witches, sorcerers, healers, and anything related to magic casters

                    - OCEAN ANIMES, centering around mostly fantasy animes relating to the sea: mermaids, aquariums, etc.

                    - WAR ANIMES, includes anything war/military related, from WW2 animes to post-apocalyptic ones showing the effects of nuclear war

                    - HISTORICAL / FEUDAL JAPAN ANIMES, mostly feudal Japan historical animes, but includes other time periods and countries





      Hei from Darker Than Black, ah yes, ultimate waifu




*SOCIALS I GUESS? I'm inactive as hell tho...


Oh and for anyone who was wondering, my username is a combination of The "Matrix" (which is my #1 favorite movie of all time, Deadpool comes in second) and my nickname "Xen"

My background wallpaper and profile pic were drawn by Sui Ishida, creator of Tokyo Ghoul, I got the art from his official Twitter.

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MystalBlue Oct 17, 2021

Thank you! (:

ShinigamiSwag Oct 13, 2021

Thank you so much for replying it makes me so happy! School has honestly been taking up so much of my time too it's hard to be able to finish all the series that you wanna watch. I also hope you finish all of your homework! And hopefully not dread the rest of the day because of how tired you'll be. Nanachi's home is so cute and reminds be of those little secluded cottages which i wish I lived in. I'm excited for a season 2 and hopefully we get more screen time of Nanachi and Ozen.

Some of my recs that you might enjoy:

For horror, gory, and darker animes you might like

  • Angels of Death (I really enjoy the relationship between the two main characters and there is some really goof plot twist in this show)
  • Corpse Party (the gore in this show is immaculate, the show it's self was a bit boring but if you are a gore fan I would 100% reccommend)
  • Future Diary (I really enojoyed this show up until the end execpt for the last few episodes because they were honestly kinda bad but the rest of the show is so good and is definitely a must watch)

A Historical one you might like is:

  • Jokers Game (This show it about a group of eilite group of people who get chosen to train as spies and the first 3-4 eps you get to watch them train then the rest of the show you get to see them in action like getting sent to war to infiltrate the place and deceive people and what not, I thought it was pretty good I got a little lost at some parts but I think you'd like it a lot)

For a Fansty one:

  • Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy (I'm not sure if you'd like it because it's a bit fanservicey but I really like it, It's an Isekai where the mc is basically and overpowered underdog and you watch him start with absolutely nothing and watch him slowly work his way to the top)

I don't have too much in the genres you enjoy but hopfully something on this list catches your eye and you end up really enjoying it (also I apologize for my poor explanations on all these animes)

Last one I'll thow out there is 

One Punch Man (I enjoyed the heck out of this anime and it's sooo good it has good comedy and action, I adore almost all the characters they are just so loveable) 

ShinigamiSwag Oct 12, 2021

It's been a little too long since I messaged back here so sorry it took me so long to watch one of your recommendations. I watched made in abyss and it was sooo good. I don't think I can ever look at belly buttons the same ever again though. I gotta say my favorite characters were Nanachi, Marulk, Ozen. Ozen is honesly so freaky I love it. They're such a cool and inresting character. I really enjoyed the character designs in the show because all their outfits were so intricate and fun to look at especially Prushka's. (The ending to the movie was so sad 😥) Also all the designs for the monsters and layers were also really amazing. The end of the series got quite dark and grusome and extremely sad. I don't think I can go through the pain of watching them go through that whole journey again. I appreciate the recommendation and I hope I can watch the others soon!!!

kanekistoenail Sep 17, 2021

but yea i remember watching it i was like if this bitch says sir meliodas one more damn ti- phew

kanekistoenail Sep 17, 2021

LMAO dont worry i'm sure she wont i'm pretty sure elizabeth will later on call meliodas just meliodas instead of sama or sir