Ling YAO

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TheIceQueen Nov 15, 2015

Love him. 

That was the most useless comment I have ever left.

TheAnimeChick Jul 29, 2014

Most of the time my first impression of a character is right. However, this was not the case with Ling. At first he struck me as annoying and as a character that could be taken at face value, but as the show progressed dynamic was added to this character by showing his deep affection for his followers and his desire to be a honorable leader. By the end of the show, I was in love.

Jare Aug 6, 2012

I love how he's so laidback.

..which is probably why I get scared when he opens his eyes.


chanelsheminant Jul 27, 2012

The character LING YAO has so became my favorite character and i just wish that i could have seen more of him in the series. also i love the character from the moment that he enterd the series he is awsome. oh... and my favorite episode all have my fave character in them : episode 15 , episode 20 , (episode 28)-love , episode 45 and episode 64.

oh and i hope you all agree with me on this - those that dont like this character (or any character) ( dont pute bad comment on them) plz keep them to your self.

neverafall Jul 6, 2012

Oh I love you Ling. I am forever to be phased by anime.