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A2B Feb 26, 2020

I'm sorry, it's just Violet is my favorite anime character and I can get a little passionate about anime. 😅

Who's your favorite anime character?

A2B Feb 22, 2020

First, almost nobody she meets falls in love with her, except for Gilbert, but that's a different thing.

Second, she did train for long enough, she basically trained her entire life to be a military weapon. Of course she's going to be amazing at fighting, even just taking martial arts for a year can make you good at fighting.

Third, it is unfair to compare anime characters to real life people. It's simply stupid to dislike a character because they're not realistic enough, I'm more worried about their depth and whether they're well-written, not about if they're human. So no, you're wrong, but you're welcome to like and dislike whoever you want. I see you like Lucy though, and she's one of my waifus.

A2B Feb 8, 2020

Violet Evergarden is the farthest thing from a Mary Sue. You could see throughout the series how she struggles with emotions and there's complexity to her character. A Mary Sue would be someone like Kirito, someone who's just amazing at everything for no reason. Maybe even Mikasa, but she does struggle and she does make mistakes.

Depravedmagi Jan 7, 2020

Plus, I hated how magi was so convoluted in the second half of the manga's final arc. I hated how delusional he was, so arrogant may not be the right word. But yes, that was pretty hypocritical LOL.

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Depravedmagi Jan 7, 2020

While I don't deny that he's a POS (he's a villain so he's supposed to be hateful), Sinbad's actions infuriated me throughout the final arc. What made me mad was the deterioration of his character.