Tanjou: Debut

Alt title: Birth: Debut

OVA (2 eps)
1.135 out of 5 from 410 votes
Rank #13,723

In Debut, each standalone episode revolves around a group of friends: Aki, Saori, and Itou. First, shy Aki falls for the cute Burger Joe employee... but does he like her back? Also, the girls reunite 10 years after burying a time capsule at the local elementary school. However, the capsule contains not three, but four boxes! Who is the fourth person? Only time and reminiscence will tell...

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umm.... wat So.... What happened? No.. Don't explain... I really don't want to know. Story: ... / 10 This show's attempt at a story was terrible. The plot was..... halfway decent, but poorly executed. I, whom have written probably only 1 or 2 stories (crappy, unreviewed and unrefined) could make something out of this that's better. Animation: Derp / 10 The animation truly shows how bad of a day these animators have had. There is no consistancy within the characters really. In fact, I could've sworn half these characters look EXACTLY the same. Sound: Acceptable / 10 Overall, the voice acting was acceptable. The sounds were very generic including the music. Some moments were made MUCH more dramatic than they needed to be just from the music alone. No characters have any distinguishable voices, but really now... Characters: uhh.. / 10 Absolutely no character development. I walked away knowing probably 1 name. The characters look the same and they feel just thrown in. This really only works with a good story to back it up with great execution, but even those storied need to have at least some sort of character development. Overall: durrr / 10 So.. Let me get this straight here. According to the tags and what I've heard of this anime, it's a romance... but, here's the truth. There is no genre to put this in except for episodic. This is a show that really needs to be longer in order to do anything decent, but you know what? The animation is so terrible to where I wouldn't even want to watch more than 2 episodes of this.. Each episode felt like they were around 40 minutes long, even though they were average length. There's a badge you get for watching this show. If you watch this show, You deserve it.

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