Rain, the Little Girl, and My Letter

Alt title: Ame to Shoujo to Watashi no Tegami

Web (1 ep x 6 min)
2.448 out of 5 from 1,000 votes
Rank #7,581

Love can be found in a variety of places, including an ordinary classroom. For one young woman, confessing to her handsome classmate will be a feat of epic proportions! With one hand written letter, she gathers the courage to finally break the news, but has no idea her work of art will touch the heart of a special child, as well. Will the young man return her affections, or is she doomed to the life of a bachelorette?

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sothis Feb 27, 2005
Score 5/10

When this six minute featurette begins to play, it clearly says it's an amateur anime. That being said, this is fairly obvious in most aspects, from the story to the inconsistent animation. This is the story section, though, so I'll discuss it a bit. Keep in mind this review in general won't be very long due to the feature only being six minutes. :)

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