Reign of the Seven Spellblades

Alt title: Nanatsu no Maken ga Shihai suru

TV (15 eps)
3.348 out of 5 from 2,320 votes
Rank #9,513

When a boy and girl meet at a prestigious magic school, the curtain to a supreme fantasy series opens! This year's new students arrive at Kimberley Magic School. What meets them there is a brilliant parade of cherry blossoms in full bloom and magical creatures. They don't know--this academy is a living demon's shrine where no one's life is guaranteed. A school fantasy about spellblades! 

Source: Yen Press

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This anime is interesting but they spend WAY too much time on emotional baggage.  The anime focuses on the characters and neglects the storyline, and the focus on the characters is one of dealing with a lot of emotions.  The anime does focus a lot on modern day contraversial topics some would call them political some would say moral some would say rights, etc etc.  This anime thus will offend some so be aware of that, and others it will have them adoring it.  Personally I prefer anime that tries to stay away from contraversial topics that are not needed in the first place in anime.  The characters are a unique lot for sure, it is more of a Harry Potter mixed with activists view points to try to make this anime work.  Most of the Sword Rose characters are good people but have underline emotional problems that are brought up over and over and over again in the season.  The focus on such feelings takes away from any possible world building as you have a lot of each episode dedicated to talking about ones problems and feelings.  This also makes it so the story does not flow very well, if they had focused on say one or two people with problems being helped with their friends and upper classmen it might have been a better story.  Since everyone has problems and emotional baggage and they like to talk about it and the story revolved around it, they miss opportunities to make the environment/story/plot better.  The coloring and animation of this is very well done, the voice actors/actresses do a good job, and I like the intro scene which makes it seem like this anime will be very interesting.  I would say this is a filler anime, it is not terrible or bad, but it is not good either.  Enjoy!

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