Nasu: Suitcase no Wataridori

OVA (1 ep)
3.69 out of 5 from 242 votes
Rank #2,484

Pepe Benengeli continues his cycling journey with Team Pao Pao Beer, as they head to Japan to compete in the Japan Cup - a race that may be their very last together as a team. Teammate Jean Luigi Ciocci starts to question if he's doing the right thing after the suicide of legendary cyclist Marco Rondanini, whom he was close friends with, while Pepe rallies the team to push forward. For better or for worse, Team Pao Pao heads forth in the pouring rain to try and reach another victory.

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Seyfert Mar 22, 2019
Score 6/10

Most anime, or even media generally that belong to this genre, have this dilemma... what ratio should be allocated to the technicalities, the sport itself, just drama, or even comedy when it desires to go in that direction?

While it does have a smattering of comedy, in certain reactions to situations, I think it has more drama than anything. It touches on some heavy topics too, throughout... something... read more

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