Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line

TV (25 eps)
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Protagonist Onoda Sakamichi's team, Sohoku High School, won last year's national tournament, the Inter-High. The upperclassmen who pulled the team have graduated. By inspiring, supporting, and lifting each other up, the new generation of team members won a ticket to the Inter-High and a chance at a repeat championship. Their rivals, Hakone Academy, former champions seeking to reclaim their crown, and Kyoto Fushimi, home to the monstrous racer Midousuji, have gathered at the race, where they'll clash in a fierce battle for victory! Every racer carries his hopes and dreams in his heart. As sprinters who race along straight lines, climbers who are masters of the mountains, and aces who lead their teams to victory... The "GLORY LINE" is each racer's finish line of honor and glory, but who will be the first to cross it?!

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The Final Phase image

Episode 1

The Final Phase

The Two Aces!! image

Episode 2

The Two Aces!!

The Appointed Time image

Episode 3

The Appointed Time

Five Men's Resolve image

Episode 4

Five Men's Resolve

3 Seconds Less image

Episode 5

3 Seconds Less

Sohoku Shaken image

Episode 6

Sohoku Shaken

Footsteps of Hope image

Episode 7

Footsteps of Hope

Second Day, Start!! image

Episode 8

Second Day, Start!!

Sash of Wishes image

Episode 9

Sash of Wishes

#16, Shinkai Yuto image

Episode 10

#16, Shinkai Yuto

Mountain King image

Episode 11

Mountain King

Fallen Hopes image

Episode 12

Fallen Hopes

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