Mermaid's Scar

Alt title: Ningyo no Kizu

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
3.371 out of 5 from 696 votes
Rank #9,017

Following in the footsteps of Mermaid Forest (another OVA by Rumiko Takahashi), Yuta and Mana are back, and have travelled to a new city for work and rest. By chance, they meet Masato: a young boy whose mother is known to have come back from the dead. The pair discover that Masato's household contains dark secrets, which may end up costing them their lives!

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Story Yuta and Mana meet a boy, Masato, on a train going to Tokyo, where the couple has new jobs. They meet Masato again at his house where they find out about his mother's mysterious rebirth after an accident and witness her rage against the little boy. Later Yuna talks to the mother about their immortality, given by the flesh of a mermaid, and Masato discovers that his babysitter Yukie will soon marry and leave him alone with his mother. That's when the second plot starts, and we discover a new facet of the so innocent boy, he is the one the turned her so-called mother Misa into an immortal, and now that he doesn't want her anymore he is looking for a replacement. Firstly he tries turning Yukie, but the transformation goes wrong, and in the middle of a fight he finds out Mana is already a perfect immortal and changes his plans to make her his new mother. But as Yuta is also an immortal, Masato ties Mana and tries killing Yuna. We discover that Masato has tried to create several mothers before Misa in his 800 hundred years, and after a warm fight, Masato flees but is struck by a truck and supposedly dies in the car's explosion. I really did enjoy the story, I wasn't expecting anything like it, and though some plots were a bit predictable, overall I got quite immersed in the narrative. Animation I think it is an old type of anime linework and coloring, and it is not really something I enjoy. There was no scene where the animation amazed me somehow, but also it wasn't that bad to watch. So as I am generous today, I am giving it a 5 for not disrupting my immersion during my watching. Sound Sadly I watched it in English, so I couldn't have the whole real experience. I don't remember any particular sound or music, and nothing seemed out of place. But also nothing called my attention. Characters All the characters were well created, each character chosen to appear in the movie had a great motive to be there. Though Yuta and Mana were the heroes, the best trajectories were Masato's and Misa's, the first changing from an immature and naive kid into a cold-blooded and wicked killer, and the second starting as a crazy heartless mother and turning into a victim searching for a way out to survive. Overall I reasonably liked the story they created for the anime and it was good how they showed it. As said by another user, I got a little confused with the fact that no mermaid was shown but in the intro. Maybe because it was shown in the movie before this one and I haven't watched it yet.

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