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Apr 12, 2016

You know, for a first time effort, this was still worse than some of the animations I've seen put together by web groups. That being said, maybe a college student or two won't subsist on ramen alone after watching this anime...

Story: The second worst thing about this anime is the story, because aside from the show being episodic as hell, the episodes are boring. I zoned once or twice while watching and didn't feel like I missed anything of value. Yes, you're going to learn some decent snack options, but do you need to know random historical facts, too? It just doesn't meshi well... (I do not apologize for my pun)

Animation: The worst part of this anime was the animation. I don't even know how this show got a second cour with how badly it is animated. It hurt to watch this anime because you could tell the studio wanted it to look nice but just didn't have the budget for decent software. 

Sound: Here's the thing that this studio actually spent money on. Decent voice actresses. For how bad the animation is, and how uninvolved the storyline is, I expected tin-can voice acting or at least, listless voice acting. But the actresses were actually pretty good.

Characters: I can't even name them and it's only been a couple days since I watched this. I don't care about them, I don't know anything about them other than the airhead is a closet genius with a thing for cavemen. And someone has a sibling.

Overall: they broke the fourth wall in like episode 9, and commented on their low ratings. This, you know it's bad. 

2/10 story
2/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Oct 12, 2015

Updated after finishing

This is probably the number one anime that has left me confused the most, after only 2 episodes. Not confused in the ways one gets confused by FLCL, or some other anime with a confusing story though. No, I'm confused because I can't seem to find out what the creators were thinking when making this. Because really, what is the point of making these things?


These are episodic shorts of only about 4 minutes, so of course you shouldn't even expect a real storyline. But still, shorts can be entertaining in their own way if you do something meaningful with them. In JK Meshi!, however, we only get about 2 minutes of random chit-chat (about the French Revolution, the elements in the atmosphere, or Neanderthals) because it's about 3 girls who are supposedly studying together. After that, they decide to eat, make something to eat while explaining some random things about it ("this is good for your cholesterol, that's good for your brain,...") and then they eat. 

Entertaining? Nope. 

Story 1/10


3 girls, who are in school. One is extremely stupid, one can cook and the other... hell if I know. They're completely uninteresting, but it's not like the creators took their time to make them interesting anyway so who cares?

Characters 2/10 (because at least we know something about them)


Not much, the only things we can say are the annoying high-pitched title-screams and the generic girly voices

Sound 3/10


I think I found the point of the anime here! It's an exercise for the new guys who have only had one hour of training on how to animate something!

But seriously, the animation could be said to be on par with the worst parts of Dragon Ball Super. 

Animation 3/10


error 404: enjoyment not found


There are some anime that I would never watch if it weren't for clubs like DTAB and the Anime Lottery club. JK Meshi! is of course one of those anime too. Because really, nobody who's in their right mind should decide to watch this.


If you're wondering why I ever bothered to watch this: it was my assignment in the Anime Lottery

1/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
3.2/10 overall