Ichigo 100% - Jump Festa 2004

Alt titles: Ichigo 100% - Koi ga Hajimaru?! Satsuei Gasshuku - Yureru Kokoro ga Higashi e Nishi e, Strawberry 100%: A New Love?! Film Trip: The Heart Sways from East to West

Other (1 ep x 24 min)
3.406 out of 5 from 3,886 votes
Rank #3,658

Waking from a nightmare involving his beautiful female friends, Junpei only finds his day is about to get much, much worse. With the film club’s script finally being ready, the group travel to a cabin in the forest to make their movie. As he’s easily distracted from his scripted lines, Junpei is ordered to go meet Aya at the train station – but a freak thunderstorm forces the young couple to take shelter in an abandoned house. They’re soaking wet, and the only solution is to remove all of their clothing and wait for the rain to stop. Can Junpei keep his cool and his boxers on, especially as all the panty-clad Aya wants is to huddle closer to stay warm?

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mahius Sep 15, 2014
Score 4/10

This is a sequel to the main series Ichigo 100% which leaves off after Nishino agrees to be the heroine for the movie being made by the movie club. I will only be taking about story in this review as animation, sound and characters are the same as the origninal series. Read my review of the original series if... read more

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sothis Apr 9, 2005
Score 1.5/10

Sometimes, I think the creators of certain anime series must be fourteen year old boys with raging hormones. Other times, I think they must be 35 year old virgins. Whatever the case, this theory of mine is seemingly proven with something like Ichigo 100%, which easily falls to new levels of crappiness in the realm of anime.

The story revolves around Junpei, and how many women can... read more

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