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Alt titles: Ichigo 100% Jump Festa 2004, Strawberry 100%: A New Love?! Film Trip: The Heart Sways from East to West

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Sep 15, 2014

This is a sequel to the main series Ichigo 100% which leaves off after Nishino agrees to be the heroine for the movie being made by the movie club. I will only be taking about story in this review as animation, sound and characters are the same as the origninal series. Read my review of the original series if you want my opinions on those, though I was less forgiving with characters due to this being a sequel.

The gang from the main series are out in the countryside filming their movie starring Nishino as the heroine. It starts with the main character Junpei, having a nightmare about being indecisive concerning his romantic interests. This is likely to try and draw viewers in making them hope that something actually happens. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Junpei ends up trapped in a shack in a torrential downpour with Toujou. As they try to keep warm, they take off their wet clothes and both of them wear nothing but boxers/panties. SPOILER< Despite the situation, Junpei keeps his calm/is a gutless worm and doesn't do anything weird nor does he confess. Same goes for Toujou >SPOILER

In the second part of the episode, Junpei and Nishino go on a token spooky forest walk to a lake which is said to be the place where unhappy lovers drowned themselves. It seems to bring the two closer together. SPOILER< It was all a ploy by the film crew to try and get a realistic performance from the two. Nothing really develops between Junpei and any of the girls >SPOILER

All in all, this was a slightly pointless extra episode that should have been part of the original series as episode 13. I felt like this was a waste of my time and it didn't have the innocent charm that was sometimes there (in the tactful parts) of the main series.

Family-friendliness Rating: 3/5 on average. 2/5 Form most of it though 4/5 during the scene in the shack where Toujou is wearing nothing but panties, however having modesty to cover her chest (lower is better)

Overall Rating: 4/5 (higher is better)

3/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Apr 9, 2005

Sometimes, I think the creators of certain anime series must be fourteen year old boys with raging hormones. Other times, I think they must be 35 year old virgins. Whatever the case, this theory of mine is seemingly proven with something like Ichigo 100%, which easily falls to new levels of crappiness in the realm of anime.

The story revolves around Junpei, and how many women can possibly not only want him, but show him their panties. Err, wait... that’s not really the story, but it sure as hell seems like the point! The loose "story" is related to Junpei and his gang filming a movie out in the countryside. But seriously folks, let’s not kid ourselves... the real story is created by men who cannot possibly get laid, who want to live out their own fantasy of every woman in the world wanting to grab your dick and show off their goods. Sorry anime creators; every time you walk into a room, there isn’t going to be a woman conveniently lying on the ground showing off her ass in panties. You won’t be running around outside in the rain with a girl (who wants you, of course), only to have to take shelter in an abandoned building where you will both strip naked and rub against each other for warmth. After that, love interest number 26 (who also wants you, of course) won’t bust in and be jealous because love interest 15 is all over you. Random women don’t show up naked in your bed. You are not a stud.

I wish these points could be understood in the anime creator realm, but unfortunately it’s not and thus, we keep getting shit like this in the process. Seriously, what was the point of this OVA? And for god’s sake, why is it getting rated a 7 or 8 in most other anime databases? This fact specifically baffles me. It seems like everyone I’ve talked to, even people who *love* ecchi, think this is total garbage. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of ecchi, but I still don’t automatically rate something down if it falls in that vein. Ichigo 100%, unlike some other series out there, is just completely useless except for the (bad) panty shots. There’s no plot, it’s just 25 minutes of watching this guy find naked women everywhere like it’s a fucking easter egg hunt. Even more ridiculous is that rather than trying to come across as what it is – a stupid hormonal look at women wanting the same guy – it tries to throw in sentimental and touching emotions about one relationship in particular. This just makes the entire thing seem even more like a joke.

I could ramble on about how useless the plot is for hours, so I’ll just stop now. Needless to say, even if you like ecchi, odds are this will come across as totally useless for you (unless you badly, badly need jack off material). Additionally, I’d like to offer a free prescription of Risperdal to anyone who actually votes this OVA a 7 or 8, since so far, I haven’t run across anyone who would do so, even ecchi lovers. Seek professional help, seriously.
If there ever was an award for camera angles for panty shots, Ichigo 100% OVA would probably win it. Admittedly, the panty shots are all conveniently angled to look good (if you find that sort of thing appealing), but literally that’s the bulk of the animation. We see lots of flustered faces, skin, and panties, but there’s little to the OVA besides that. Characters look a little weird, and the females all look too manly for me with their designs (especially Nishino). Then there’s one of the male characters who seriously looks like he had two little smokies implanted where his lips should have been. That or he got stung by a bee, causing his lips to swell up past the size of my fingers.

I will admit that the colors were dark and vibrant, and one scene in particular (the field with the fireflies at the end) was impressive. Backgrounds appeared to be made out of watercolors, with plenty of detail. The animation was decent in general.
Nothing exciting on this front. Generic pop type beats were prevalent throughout some of the OVA, but definitely were nothing special or memorable. If you like dating sim type music, that’s what you’ll find throughout Ichigo 100%. Most of the time, however, music is absent and replaced with ambient sounds such as the rain falling or noises of the forest. I really don’t think the music was high up on the priority list of the people making this OVA, since they were too busy concocting any possible way to throw in more panty shots. Voice actors seemed fine.
I’ve never understood the appeal of something whose entire point is to show 10 girls all lusting after the same guy, but then again, I’m not a guy. I don’t mind this so much when there’s an actual plot or some sort of comedy. Unfortunately in this OVA’s case, it literally is the ENTIRE point. In addition, we know zero about any of the characters (unless you’ve seen the made-afterwards TV series or have read the manga), know zero about why they actually like this oafish guy Junpei, or why they even end up in certain situations. Why is blue haired girl #2 in Junpei’s bed when he gets up? Why didn’t Junpei and Toujo just run back to where their friends were, as they clearly weren’t too far away (since Nishino obviously found them), instead of conveniently choosing to go into an abandoned building and rub all over each other on accident? I felt nothing for any of the characters, and they were underdeveloped in all cases.
Ichigo 100% OVA is easily one of the most useless things I’ve ever seen. Before you jump all over me and claim I’m rating it this low because of the ecchi-factor, think again. There was no plot. There was no character development. There was nothing endearing about the ecchi, even comedy-wise, that would have made it anything more than useless. Watch this only if you like panty shots at interesting angles. Not for the genre, plot, characters, or anything else. Be forewarned, and keep in mind it’s a steaming pile of feces.
1/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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Jul 1, 2010

 Ichigo 100% Jump Festa 

Its dreary out, clouds are quite the shades of grey and black, and I have been fighting off a cough and cold for about a week now. On my couch feeling very down, I say to myself "it is the prefect time for a new review.". When I don't feel well I never want to watch something long or with a deep plot. So thankfully I pull out my trusty iPhone and proceed to the greatest website ANIME-PLANET! I head over to my profile so I can take a look at my Want to watch List. There it is, staring me straight in the face. Ichigo 100% Jump Festa the one episode Harem genre OVA. I had originally watched what I thought was its predecessor of this series, but if you look by its date it shows that this came out before the 12 episode OVA from MADHOUSE. This series is a guilty pleasure. You think that just because you throw panty shot after panty shot (Pantsu, Pantsu. shout out to my pal Chi.) that you can not have a serious plot. I believe that even thought the 12 episode OVA will give you the broader sense of establishing who Tojo,Junpei,Nishino, and others really are, I would have to say you feel a deeper bond and understanding between all characters (broken window cabin scene). Animation clean, clear and colorful. Soundtrack what not standout in every scene but fit in nicely with every hint of romance. As I do find a deeper meaning into this anime, we have to remember that this is still a Echhi/Hentai anime. Though it defiantly leans more on the light hearted Echhi side of things. It is not for every age.(you have to be this many Pokéballs to ride this OVA.) I would recommend this anime for any growing Otaku. Someone who is growing into a mature Inuyasha and taking quite the large step into Chobits. I know that some diehard Otaku may think that comparison is blasphemous but Please! you know where you started.


7/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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May 28, 2013

Story: What is a Jump Festa? I don't know and it has absolutely nothing to do with the OVA, despite it being in the title. But it surely involves plucking a random chapter that doesn't focus on Nishino (I'll say this now: I watched this shit after the series and the OVA series), slapping some animation on that ass and calling it a day. I can say that because this was pretty shitty despite having loads of innuendo, other innuendo by those in the DTAB who watched it, the sorrow few and... I think this was the one where Nishino had a lovely blue dress. You know that's getting top marks.

But the plot, the film club (I'll assume you know jack shit about this) that was formed to film sleaze smut flicks and get school funding for such raunchy activities, goes to the... I don't know where the fuck they are. It doesn't look like country but a house by the lake or something, it doesn't really matter. So they film, a darling love story which would be shit if not for Nishino in a lovely blue dress. I could call the plot done right there but there's more. This Toujou girl is on her way back from getting supplies and shit so Junpei, being the fit, tanned devil he is, he goes to meet up with her and help her out. This, obviously ends up with rain and the need to hide out in a bunker to avoid getting their clothes drenched and fanservice would have ensued except it ensues because this is, after all, named after strawberry panties.

It has all the pitfalls of a ecchi show, all the classic moments and hoo-haa and plenty of beligurent- beligerent- whatever sexual tension because that's how we roll. And by watching it, you can just feeeeel the sexual innuendo rise up, the sheer amount of perversion that could have been and is because it's as subtle as a sack of bricks. It's also entertaining in a way because it's comically bad. But any story that features Nishino in a lovely blue dress is a good story, no matter how shitty the rest of the shitfest is.

Guess it really didn't help that they still plucked a random chapter from the series.

Animation: The phrases I can think of for animation are 60% swear words so I'll try and censor it. If possible. The characters aren't like the ones in the series, in particular Manaka's wicked tan and Super Sayan Sausage Lips who astoundingly looks uglier here. The girls, they're alright, Nishino the best obviously, and panties. With cleavage. And wetness, because the funding went to fanservice and some nice backgrounds. The climatic scene, boosted with Nishino of course, was pretty good. Still, the characters are mostly ugly and the animation a bit sloppy.

Sound: I got nothing. Literally nothing.

Characters: Junpei is a sex magnet. It's apparent here that he gets bitches but it's in the series where he really works his mojo. You see all them bitches in the pictures? Most, if not all want his nuts. What's so good about him? He's got a pimping camera, he's going to be a rich (Porn) director and that tan, fucking sick tan, all even and shit. That's it. He doesn't have much redeemable qualities apart from those and the tan one isn't even in the series. The OVA isn't really a good judge of character but you know, more props to Nishino.

Overall: I could have summed up this shit in a paragraph but noooooo. I had to go and make it longer, when you could have a single paragraph praising Nishino and bashing just about everything else. In chronological order, this is the ass end of shit. Watch it after the series so you can know whose who and it'll be less confusing and possibly less painful.

Still better than the OVA's final episode.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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