Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel

Alt title: Dragon Quest: Yuusha Abel Densetsu

TV (43 eps)
1989 - 1991
3.389 out of 5 from 145 votes
Rank #7,629
Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel

The story is about a teenage boy, Abel, and his best friend, Tiala. On her 16th birthday, Tiala receives a red jewel that has the power to awaken the Great Dragon. The Dragon can grant eternal life to the one who drinks its blood. Baramos, a demon from the kingdom of Estark, desires to find the stone and gain immortality. Baramos kidnaps Tiala and sets off to find the dragon's location. A village elder gives Abel a blue stone, which has the power to "seal" the dragon if it is woken. The elder imparts some advice to Abel before passing away, and Abel begins his adventure to save Tiala and defeat Baramos.

Source: Wikipedia

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