Digimon Movie 2: Bokura no War Game

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Just when the Digidestined thought their Digimon troubles were over, a rogue Digimon appears on the Internet, hacking data, and crashing electronic devices across Japan. With the rest of the team tied up in their normal lives, Izumi and Taichi begin to track the mysterious Digimon over the net with the help of Gennai and their old partners. However, other than contacting Takeru and Yamato, they can’t do anything to slow down the ever-growing Digimon. The kids face a race against the clock when Diaboromon hacks into the military’s computer and aim missiles directly at their town. Can they figure out a way to defeat the evil Digimon before it’s too late?

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Anime Bingo Challenge: Winter 2019 There will be spoilers. Watch the things before you try to find out about the things. Honestly, I never thought I'd be doing a review for this movie. I can't tell you how many times I've watched this movie (17... 18 times). This is literally my favorite movie of all time. So I may be a bit biased. That being said, it's quite a well constructed movie. Digimon, in general, was always extremely good at storytelling and unfolding the plot. We had directions that we were going into and things happened for a reason, unlike some other "Mon" shows. Looking at you Ash. Shape up son. Anyway, i'm telling you right meow, it's a 10/10. The most interesting thing to take note of is that this series is a test run for what would become Summer Wars. They were directed by the same person, Mamoru Hosoda, and he's gone on record as saying he was testing out this movie as what he could do before committing to Summer Wars. Both are extremely good, in my opinion, and the similarities are glaringly obvious. It's easy to look at Bokura no War Game as a baseline of Summer Wars. There are so many things that are included within both movies. That being said, Bokura no War Game is still the original, and the fact that it includes Digimon only makes it better. I remember going to see this movie in theaters, literally alone, I was the only one in the theater. Everyone else's loss. Storywise, the best part about this movie is that it's a continuation. It's a direct sequel to Digimon Season 1, and serves as a bridge to to Season 2. They literally even mention the movie in Season 2. I find that to be amazing, because so many movies are simply spin-offs and serve to make money, not to build the plot. So it's plot is a signifiicant part of what ultimately happens. Digimon has always been extremely good at storytelling, and touches on so many deeper things than most "children" series. Depression plays a huge role in 01, 02, and Tri. This movie is no exception. So we start with the initial concept of there is a computer virus which is spreading across the entire internet. Very modern for the time, we are in the era of the Y2K scare, remember Y2K? Silly white people. Anyway. Digimon has always hinted at the connection between the digital and the real. Season 1 hints at it, and each successive season sort of expands on that. Even now, the most recent games, have basically had the concept of blending real and digiital as the main problem. It's become more of a commentary on our reliance on technology. Initially I never thought about stuff like that. It was more of a stranger in a strange land sort of thing, but it's impossible to ignore how the current Digimon treats the rammifications of relying so heavily on something you may not fully understand. I'm going a little too far ahead, let's back up. I find it amazing that Tai's mom is such a terrible cook who experiments with things that shouldn't be messed with. It reminds me of Raine from Tales of Symphonia, even though that was several years after this. "It's the first time I've used flour to bake a cake." At the time, when I was a kid, Mom's are supposed to be the superheroes of the kitchen, and yet, here is this lady who struggles. Moving on, the main problem being that Digimon are causing problems within our technology driven society. Extremely interesting. There is another world, and it's existence is affecting our own. Furthermore, we get the first introduction that not only Japan is affected by Digimon. We start to get world-building, which 02 expands on in the endgame and ultimately leads to what comes after. Another interesting point is that the Digidestined are so split apart. While 02 and Tri go out of their way to keep everyone together, this movie actually shows that people can't necessarily keep up one another. Everyone has their own problems and obligations, and even though the world is in danger the people who are there to help can't necessarily get together at the drop of a hat. So we have to make due with what we have, a lot like with day-to-day life. I also really appreciated how much that "lag" played a part in this series. It kept them from "instaneously" digivolving, which was sort of an issue in Season 1. You're over here like, "We got this long cutscene of them evolving, why don't the villains just attack and interupt?" Which we get in this movie. So we start to see that digivolving isn't something that is happening outside of our control. This movie takes such a huge step forward in bridging the gap between real and digital, it's crazy. We are introduced to the concept that we have to stay connected to the internet to keep fighting. Back in the AOL days, that wasn't even possible. Dial-up is the enemy of mankind. Kids these days will never understand the struggle of that. So we get to the point where the antagonist is aware of how internet works. He can't be hurt if they can't get to him. Attack at the source, and cut off the internet. Now what do we do? This is such an interesting idea. For the most part, Anime have always dealt with direct attacks and him vs her, etc. Having this sort of indirect attack is so much further ahead than the year 2000. As we reach the final battle, we come back around to the whole "lag" concept. The main characters internet is providing the speed for the Digimon. We aren't just winning because we are stronger, we have to consider other factors. Ironically, this plays into how the movie comes into an end. I always found it to be so interesting that lag played such an important factor, and that Izzy was able to reverse it and use it to their advantage. The fact that Diaboromon is defeated by spamming him is the most amazing thing of all time ot me. I will always recommend that someone should watch Digimon 01, Bokura no War Game, 02, and now Tri. As a thing to grow up on, they were so well at what they set out to do. So many shows gloss over real problems to cater to the fragility of children, and Digimon isn't one to shy away from things like that.

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