Digimon Adventure Movie 2: Bokura no War Game

Movie (1 ep x 40 min)
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Just when the Digidestined thought their Digimon troubles were over, a rogue Digimon appears on the Internet, hacking data, and crashing electronic devices across Japan. With the rest of the team tied up in their normal lives, Izumi and Taichi begin to track the mysterious Digimon over the net with the help of Gennai and their old partners. However, other than contacting Takeru and Yamato, they can’t do anything to slow down the ever-growing Digimon. The kids face a race against the clock when Diaboromon hacks into the military’s computer and aim missiles directly at their town. Can they figure out a way to defeat the evil Digimon before it’s too late?

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I first watched this movie at the age of 5, in the year 2000. I rewatched it a few times over the years, and now even at my adult years, I still love this movie. So, I keep rewatching it because it just brings me immense pleasure. Let's face it, not everything from the early 2000s was good or aged that well. This movie aged really well! I still laugh at all the bad jokes every time, the silly puns, and still love the story. This is a good spin off from the original Digimon series, and fits in well with the events that went on. It does a good job to connect to the series. I do have to say though, if you watch this as the US version "Digimon: The Movie", right after watching the original series, the timeline of events will never quite add up. So just enjoy it as a standalone piece. Did you like Summer Wars? This is very similar. In fact, it's the same director, Mister Hosada himself. He just copy and pasted a little for Summer Wars. In Our War Game, we're set a couple years back, in a time where a dial-up connection could stream crystal clear quality video to a million people, apparently. Also the military did not care if you used their satellite connection back then. We all had satellite phones in 1999, right? Didn't you? The artwork and animation is fairly good for the time it was made, I feel. If you continue onward to watch the second Digimon movie, you'll think it's fantastic because the art felt like a downgrade on that one. I actually feel this movie is best watched as an English dub - the jokes are funnier, the soundtrack is really good and reminiscent of all those songs we loved in the early 2000s (Smash Mouth, the Barenaked Ladies, Less than Jake, The Mighty Might Bosstones). This movie cracks me up every time I watch it and makes me smile. It might be old, it might not be perfect, but it is just super fun to watch every time.


This is a great movie that had me on the edge of my seat, even though I've seen it many times and knew exactly what was going to happen. The events here are a fun story inserted between Adventure and 02, but it actually is referenced in 02 as how Yolei became a Chosen Child (and she can be seen for a few moments in this movie) which is cool. The story is really heartfelt, and the stakes are quite high. I loved how they decided to go with a threat to technology/the Internet, as you would think Digital Monsters would affect that more. I also think it really helps to show just how close the children are with their Digimon, as the emotions were just as real behind a computer screen as they would have been if the children were right there I also liked seeing how the children's lives were progressing as they went back to living in the real world. It's sad how the group drifted apart a little (as even mentioned by Izzy, I believe), but I think this movie also shows that they can reconnect that bond in moments of distress. Other than Kari. I can't say I liked too much how she was portrayed in this movie, as she's usually a selfless character. However, I'm not sure she was fully aware of the situation, as Tai never once said to her it was a Digimon emergency and that the world was in trouble. All he told her was to come home. Also, it was nice to see Mimi spending some time in Hawaii, as it makes her move to the US in 02 seem a little less abrupt. As for Sora... I'm not sure when this movie was made in comparison to 02, but why tease us with Taiora only to change their minds in 02 and have Matt making a move on her?! Yes, Sora and Tai were fighting for most of this movie, but they were so cute in their fighting, and they have more chemistry together. I find it hard to believe Sora would have been so upset by Tai's present if it wasn't for the fact she liked him. Otherwise, I don't think she would have cared that much; she was never the petty one of the group. Now, for the animation... Same thing I said with the first movie, as these have identical styles. It's not that I dislike the style, and it does make the characters look rather cute at times, but it feels lazy and/or rushed. Also, while it worked fairly well for most of the Digimon, Kabuterimon just looked plain ugly in it. Overall, it's a great addition to the Digimon franchise, was very heartfelt, and while it's such a small detail, I love that Yolei was included.

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