Clockwork Planet

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Clockwork Planet

Earth died a thousand years ago, and a legendary clockmaker known only as "Y" rebuilt it using clockwork. Naoto Miura, a failing high school student, encounters RyuZU, an automaton that "Y" left behind, and the genius clockmaker Marie. When the abilities of these three come together, the gears of fate begin to turn. The cycle of failure and success repeats endlessly as the three of them work to repair the endangered "Clockwork Planet" in this clockpunk fantasy!

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Justhappydog's avatar
Justhappydog May 12, 2017
Score 8.2/10

With a really silly plot and some pinch of action and comedy, clockwork planet will entertain you for the time being. A good story development and lovable characters is all it takes to make yourself like this anime. During the course, you will really stick to the characters by watching them how beautifully they develop into. As a light-novel adaptation, this indeed has an excellent plot but the the same time... read more

Zombieslayer129's avatar
Zombieslayer129 Aug 9, 2017
Score 7/10

Clockwork Planet Is Average   So after giving it thoughts with pro and cons I came to the answer for this review. Like most of my reviews I will do the 5 options and explain why I gave them the rating.

Story - 

The story of Clockwork Planet was alright. A lot of comedy, a decent of fighting scenes, and emotional scences. The beginning started off kinda weird with the ecchi part... read more

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