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NiaLand is an A.I. theme park that brings dreams to life with science. Vivy, the first autonomous android to work there, has hopes of making people happy with her singing. One day, an A.I. teddy bear named Matsumoto appears, claiming to have come from 100 years in the future—where a war between A.I. and humans rages. Their century-long journey starts now!

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Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is one of the brightest gems, I managed to stumble upon in Spring 2021. Obviously, it has little to nothing to do with idols and it should not be the reason for you to underestimate this anime. Anyways, with this review, I will do my best to explain why Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song deserves to be called a masterpiece. You know, there are anime, TV movies, literature pieces that might look weird, but with time you understand their amazingness. Since we are here to talk about anime, I will not waste your time and focus on the anime only. You might remember Serial Experiments Lain and if you try to analyze it, you might come to a conclusion that it is some kind of a prophecy. What I mean is that this anime shows a number of things that were completely impossible to implement in 1998, but now in 2021 they look more possible for humanity to make real. In this sense, in my opinion, Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is very similar to Serial Experiments Lain. But I will develop this idea a little bit later. NiaLand is perhaps the best place for you to spend your free time in; no matter the age, NiaLand can offer a number of entertainment programs both for the young and the old. NiaLand was able to achieve the title of ‘one of the best’, since it uses technology to entertain the visitors. Vivy, the first autonomous humanoid AI in history, is one of the workers of NiaLand. Her aim is to sing and thus help people forget about the problems for a moment and just enjoy her lovely voice. This changes, however, when Vivy meets Matsumoto, an AI that travels from the future to stop the annihilation of humans that will be led by AI. This is where the story starts and Vivy and Matsumoto will need to fight against the time itself. Honestly, I adore stories that punch you so hard that you cannot forget the pain for some days. This is exactly what Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is. When starting watching it, you are very likely to sigh, thinking ‘not another idol anime.’ However, after some time it just changes completely, so that you will not have time to breathe. I think I now hold a world record, because I feel like when watching this anime I was able to hold my breath for 168 minutes. Anyways, enough with pointless jokes. The story of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song makes sense and answers most of the important questions. Indeed, some of the questions are left behind, but they are left for the viewer to think for themselves. Another thing which is worth mentioning is that Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is a drama focused anime and I despise forced drama; it is cheap and only shows that you have no talent. Here, however, the anime story perfectly shows how drama should be portrayed. You know, perfect animation is the animation you cannot describe with words. Animation wise, it is another example of a punch, I was talking about. It starts rather good: character designs look nice and all, but there is nothing unique about it, really. This changes, however, quite soon. Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song did not amaze me with character designs, action scenes, or anything else. What amazed me the most was the attention paid to all the small details and these small details together made an amazingly beautiful picture, which is Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song. Small details make a big difference. As for the characters, once again I am impressed. Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- focuses on the two characters: Vivy and Matsumoto. Vivy is not as advanced as Matsumoto, which is very easy to notice when they start conversing. Matsumoto, as a more advanced AI, can do literally anything and on top of that, he is a rap god, because of how fast he speaks. Long story short, this duo works for some reason way too good. Vivy and Matsumoto somehow complement each other, thus making the show that interesting to watch. On top of that, the two are completely different not only in how advanced they are, but also their take on their tasks. (Each and every AI has their task, they are to fulfil. And no matter what, they will do everything to achieve it. This will lead to the main story conflict). This difference between the two characters helps you to see the world of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song from the two different perspectives, which helps you appreciate the anime even more. Not mentioning the fact that the anime also offers the viewer some great character development. Do you remember me saying that Vivy: Fluorite Eye's is similar to Serial Experiments Lain. This is exactly so, because what Vivy: Fluorite Eye's is, it is completely impossible to call it just a science fiction. No, what Vivy: Fluorite Eye's shows, it is something that will surely happen in the future.  It is an open secret that human rights today is one of the most troublesome spheres in today’s foreign relations. Now imagine that there will also be AIs that will have an absolutely similar to any human ability to think. Would not that make them human, too? And if so, their rights are to be protected. How will it turn out? Vivy: Fluorite Eye's will show you. What I mean is that technological development is really something you are to be afraid of. Just remembering the world 20 years ago and now is really scary. I think, I mean, no, I am absolutely sure that Vivy: Fluorite Eye's and AI theme parks will become a reality in the near future. Overall, many of the ideas that have been mentioned in this review will be touched upon in the anime, so I tried to speak as vaguely as possible. Anyways, Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is one of the reasons why I still watch anime. Sometimes, out of nowhere, you stumble upon such masterpieces and it just is so interesting that you do not want to breathe to miss even a smallest detail. I failed to find even a single flaw about this anime and the most important thing here for me to voice is that Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song deserves to be called a masterpiece, because you will never find an anime similar to it. Of course, there are some somewhat similar examples, but the idea of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is absolutely unique, never touched upon in any anime before. With that being said, I am not afraid to give this anime a perfect 10/10, which it fully deserves. What a ride of awesomeness! Random thoughts:  1) Man this scene was gorgeous and terrifying! 2) When Matsumoto first appeared, for a second I thought it would speak like Glados from Portal. 3) Fukuyama Jun was born in 1978. Wow.


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. In this case the people who did Re:Zero. While I did almost skip this series, because I thought it’s just an idol anime spin, after some consideration and watching the last episode, I have come to conclusion. It wouldn’t be so bad to skip it after all. So, what is this series about? The premise is unoriginal, AI uprising/apocalypse, but has some interesting points now and there. Altering time by sending information i.e. program back in time. Another thing is it shows quite well how time is different for artificial lifeform, because android can function or skip hundreds of years. What I especially liked is the way AI is limited by single mission. It makes sense, because any artificially produced lifeform has to be necessarily inferior in some way to its creator. It’s a matter of principle – effect cannot be greater than the cause, but I digress. This is all nice, but what about the story. You see. While there are some nice ideas here and there the story is flashy mess. Visually stunning, but garbage nonetheless. It suffers some Re:Zeroisms mainly being at moments hard to follow and convoluted. In spirit of Re:Zero it makes things worse with some time skips and time travel. It feels very episodic (mini arcs 2-3 episodes) and at some points disjointed. The final conclusion is just underwhelming. [1] The message is something about singing from your heart and what it does mean. What does it mean doing something from heart? Especially if you are soulless android. [2] And why can’t android designed to do nothing but singing sing a song? Just to make one thing clear there also pretty confusing and ill-defined concepts such as archive, which is supposed to be able control everything, yet individual units are supposed to be true autonomous AI. This concept is basically reducing individual machines into mere terminals. Or is it just one big AI, etc. There are only two significant characters Vivy and cube shaped smart Wheatly* core. Their interactions can be enjoyable. The rest doesn’t matter. Already forgot them. It’s hard to evaluate characters in case of robots. Visuals top notch and soundtrack is nice. I appreciate fine details such as countless camera drones suicide killing humans during AI apocalypse. I did enjoy it until halfway through the series**, but then the train went off the track. You should watch five episodes and then drop it. Speculating how it ends at that point is probably way better, then watching how it actually unravels. This series was so promising at the outset. Overall disappointment. Expected the show to be way better. *Portal 2 reference ** This is perfect example why I adopt practice of not doing reviews before the series ends. Spoilers [1] It does include song and some hacking, but I think the hacking is what does the job in the end. [2] It means memories according to the author. Just saved you over 6 hours.

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