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Kuroikarasu Jan 18, 2017

Hello, I just happened to pass by your account and say Hi lol.

joshseeker May 5, 2016

Yeah I think I remember watching toradora but don't think I got that far in to it so how long you been into anime I only ask cause the anime life bar on here lol

joshseeker May 5, 2016

lol yeah after looking at you 5 star rated animes i kinda figured you for a slice of lifer me myself im more or a comedy type. im not a fan of pure romance or drama but throw some comedy in their i can proablely try it. Like for example i a few romance anime i liked were love hina, ranma 1 1/2 and one that are about romance but have other genres as well tho i will watch anything given the right circumstances. if you were to look at my 5 stars youd fine 80%comedy 20%random lol

joshseeker May 5, 2016

i see guess i understand i really liked beyond the boundery but, i get where your coming from on her character. lol looking at your likes and dislikes is only shows female character on you profile page. what kinda animes do you like lol genre wise? 

joshseeker May 4, 2016

hello their just a quick question why dont you like Mirai KURIYAMA