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Ryuga10 Jan 5, 2022

i really have no idea hoe thatanimesnob gets so many likes on his shitty reviews, either he has multiple accounts or some dumb blind followers

niismo Dec 21, 2021

Let's just use your profile as a hae-thread towards AnimeSnob. God he's the most annoying, weird and antiscoal in this community. Absolutely agree with your comment

Lyr27 Dec 4, 2021

Late, but I agreed with the last comment that you left on snob's profile. Pretty sad how many fanboys he has even with everything against him. 

Have a good one!

abhinav1 Dec 2, 2021

No bruh he haven't worked on me his fandom is actually comprised of adults mostly the only place where i talk to him is at his yt comment section 

twiddledeevgc Nov 30, 2021

Saw your comments, couldn't agree more. I wouldn't at all be surprised that that creepy pedo made a bunch of burner accounts to defend himself. I also wouldn't be surprised if he somehow coerced a bunch of impressionable children to defend him to the death. Either way, dude is a sad, strange little creep.