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Hi there guys i'm Hunter Bennett Stewart and i was born in 8/11/99 in Rogers, Arkansas and i love House/Trance/Dance/Electro Music i also make EDM as well check it out here http://ihatebeer.newgrounds.com/audio/ you don't have to, i'm not forcing you but it means to me.

My music inspirations are: Avicii, Martin Garrix, DVBBS, Nicky Romero, EroS, Agnivesh Baghel and Hardwell.

My life on anime/manga: I watch anime at night because um... hah it's fun to watch. I certainly love [email protected] with a passion but i'm not exactly fond of it. I don't really read manga but it seems fun to create.

My music style: Typical EDM.

My favorite song: Here

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Grach Jun 30, 2014

Really sorry about the late reply - got really caught up in a lot of things ^^;

I have indeed heard of them - actually one of my favorite artists:D

Do you have a favorite song of theirs?

Grach Jun 13, 2014

Have taken a listen to Armin and Cedric, but never Sydney's music. Kinda prefer most of Cedric's songs over Armin's (although there are some really good ones); probably try a listen to the other here soon...

Have you heard of Infected Mushroom? 

Grach Jun 10, 2014

Oh good - srry for the late reply; graduation and all ^^;

Have you tried out Axwell, Zedd, or Deadmau5? o.0

Grach Jun 2, 2014

Oh good - someone else who likes EDM on here :D

Like  few of the same artists you do, as well, which is good! Are you open to any recs? Have a few I think you might like; or not. 

Otherwise, am...alright-ish. How about you?

...and thank you for the friend request!  

Sianeka May 30, 2014

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you enjoy your time here! ^_^

A quick note for you, a friend of mine on the site also lists EDM as a favorite music genre: check out BushidoPizza's profile if you want to drop him a comment and/or have a discussion!