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The Twins' New Life

Nov 10, 2020

The story will be more tolerable if they just delete the reincarnation aspects in this comic. If they are ordinary twin maybe i can accept how they react towards other people in this comic but for someone who claim that they both already in their 20s ,they really act like an asshole. Time to drop this.

3/10 story
9/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Margot34 Jan 5, 2022

I enjoy the story and agree I don't know why they were reincarnated I get that's how they survived but if they would have died at like 11 it would work much better and the trauma and childish actions would make alot more sense.

DabblinDingo Feb 28, 2021

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I don't mean to sound rude but I do wish to give another perspective - 

For 5 years, in an unknown world, with no allies but each other, they have lived through abuse that would likely have killed "normal  children". Their previous life memories have taught them that this treatment is wrong and gives them the strength to look to the future for hope but to me their lack of trust and the suspicion they hold is understandable. Having 18 years of previous life experience wouldn't stop the trauma of being helpless to that kind of treatment for years.

To me, I appreciate that this manga doesn't just brush those kind of emotional scars away with a simple smile and hug.

However I realise that the reincarnated trope has been done to death and while I enjoy the Isekai genre, I can understand how some feel sick of it.