The Twins' New Life

Alt title: Ssangdungi Nammaeui Nyuraipeu

Ch: 138
2020 - 2023
4.002 out of 5 from 2,661 votes
Rank #3,674
The Twins' New Life

Reborn as the prince and princess of a fantastical land, Arienne Yuriana and her twin brother, Arhen, should have been living a life of luxury… But instead of beautiful palaces, magical adventures, and attentive servants, the twins are left by the emperor to live with their abusive mother in a rundown castle full of cruel maids. However, after a freak accident suddenly leaves them without a guardian, their father reappears, saying that now he wants them to live in the palace! Thrown into an unfamiliar world of royals, can the twins forgive their neglectful dad and make the most of their new life with him? Or will this world prove too dangerous for the two of them to survive?

Source: TappyToon

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CONTAINS SPOILER!,,👋🏾Let me explain..... the MISUNDERSTANDINGS!!!, for people who claims to be 23 years old in there past lives, they literally act like 5 year olds. like even when the second prince tried to explain the situation hey won't even listen, talk about EXTRA weak MC  I love the art, but the stubborn personalities of the twins gets on my nerves, technically they are 23 year olds who revive back into the body of 5 year olds who claimed to be abandoned by the emeperor there father (when it was there mother who kept them "captive")....their so goddamn naive it breaks my heart, they literally resent the emperor just because they "think" he cast them aside, when that's not the case, their dumbass are falling into a baseless trap....jeez reading this like like trying to fill a bottomless jar. The twins don't even communicate with the people around them, they just believe whatever they want. SO STUPID, I can easily tell when someone don't like me even if there being extra nice and shit. i understand that they got abused by their so called nonhuman "mother" but they are so weak. People who are usually bullied become either "strong" or "more dense" instead of talking out how they actually feel, they let the misunderstanding continue.....🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ OMIGOSH!! Overall a 6/10  it's common for people who are abused to have trust issues, but these two idiotic no backbone son of a beeeeeeitch put there trust into the wrong people  They literally know no one inside the palace and there dumbasses over here mistakening generous kindness for hypocrisy....idiots (i hate it when author thinks the readers what a strong MC/FL they make them into a villain, like u don't gotta be a villain to be strong, u just gotta know when to fight back or when to let people run there mouths -dis from me reading way too much isekai manhwas) NANI DA FU*K

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