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llVIU Jul 5, 2020

llVIU (me): 

You gotta understand that akainu is a marine, who fights pirates. Pirates who kill and murder innocent people. 99% of pirate are the complete opposite of more honest guys like luffy, whitebeard and ace.You'll see. We'll get a backstory on akainu how he lost his family when he was small and his rage erupted like a volcano (pun intended), that's why he has his fanaticism to kill pirates no matter what.If you fanboys met real pirates from 300 years ago, in real life, you wouldn't be such sheeple. That's the kind of pirates that akainu hates. It's big-time pirates like luffy, whitebeard, roger, that inspire the small time evil pirates to start doing serious crimes. Know the difference, little fanboy kiddos.

Xariel(you): Firstly, I want to say that Akainu is the character that I despise the most in One Piece series, not because he killed Ace, but because he is the power-seeking bastard that justified his killing with his absolute justice.. I don't deny what you said about he being a marine and it is his job to hunt pirates and most of the pirates are not like Straw Hats, but he also sacrifice his subordinates just to achieve his goals.. So, where's the difference between him and pirates?? When Coby tried to stop the war, he tried to kill Coby and also belittled him just because Coby was weak. People don't hate him, not he killed Ace, but how he killed Ace.


When exactly was it implied that Akainu is a power seeking bastard? Killing his own subordinates... most countries punish it by death or at least used to. Go to wikipedia -> desertion. This is not an ''akainu'' thing. At the very least even people like sengoku, aokiji, garp would be forced to fight pirates even if they seem like nice pirates (such as luffy) and at the very least he'd be thrown in prison for a very long time and we seen how impel down treats prisoners. Magellan indiscriminately killed prisoners. And there was no need to capture ace or provoke a war with whitebeard in which thousands of marines died but hey, someone wanted absolute justice, someone wanted to achieve their own goals, public execution of roger's son... it was sengoku showing off. Or whoever ordered him to do it. Sacrifing thousands of troops/marines for your own goals... that's normal in governments. What's 1 more person? Like stalin said, one person is a tragedy, millions are a statistic, and you're failing to see the thousands who died for some needless war. Did ace and whitebeard REALLY have to die? Did it actualy make the world a safer place? Did the thousands of marines HAVE to die? Don't tell me ace or whitebeard pirates were going around looting, raping, murdering innocents. Now THAT is absolute justice. And akainu didn't decide on the war. But he would do the same thing though.

You can't bring the coby argument here, the son of dragon was far far far far more valuable than some random marine. That argument holds no water. Even sengoku or aokiji would've punched coby right in the face. Not that a punch to the face would've killed coby, we don't know that, ivankov got punched as well and survived. Would coby be strong enough to survive the punch? Depends on plot armor.

I don't get your last part about ace though. Also, akainu meant to kill luffy, so ''oh no akainu killed ace'' is kinda invalid, although he would've wanted to kill both. And they're both pirates. Almost any other marine aimed to kill luffy or ace... the difference is that they didn't mange to do it. Even aokiji was getting ready to stab and probably kill luffy with an ice spear. Even garp punched luffy, knowing that luffy would most likely get captured and die. He nearly died there.