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Angi1012 May 31, 2022

acting like a fcking bot

gfridiot May 9, 2022

Some things about Nico Robin

"She has a fetish for masochism and lets her overpowered devil fruit go to absolute waste"

I Agree with the devil fruit part

"One of The biggest Idiots"

Saved both Chopper and Zoro's lives on the way to Fishman Island. Stop Chopper from touching a lethally poisonous jellyfish, which had a neurotoxin that would've immediately killed him, and Zoro from leaving the ship after they were 8,000 meters below the surface where he would've gotten crushed by the water pressure= Idiocy

Perceiving how dangerous Trebol was, she immediately stops Leo back in when he goes after Sugar preventing him getting caught by trebol=Idiocy

Tells Luffy and the ones taking to retrieve Sanji to get a rubbing of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph at Zou. So that they don't have to go to whole cake twice= Idiocy

Wow what is this???

"The epitome was in the anime (maybe filler?)"

Yes filler. Everything you said in the paragraph was filler

"And on onigashima, wano arc, vs some bug lady, we have a flashback of her talking to sabo (602mil bounty) asking "hey, you wanna get strong? I can train you" she's like "nah thanks". Sums up perfectly her character."

IDk which episode or chapter are you talking about. That never happened.

"She is a lazy idiot who wants to be on a permanent vacation"

Says who? neither Robin herself, nor anyone in the crew, nor Oda have ever say this.

"never works"

Example above already disprove you. Let me give 2 more

Went undercover as a geisha and quickly became good enough to catch the eyes of Orochi, who invited her to his banquet.

Protect Rebecca From Diamante

"never trains"

Did you Not understand there is a 2 year timeskip? If you caught up to The manga it will disprove you.

"never does anything"

Examples above already disprove you. Let me give you 3 more

Defeat Yama

Defeat Hammond

Attacked Snow Monster Form Monet to save Nami and Chopper.

"gives up immediately"

The only Part I can agree with you is at water 7 and the filler but I never count fillers. But when else?

"Tell me one single time when she came up with a clever idea or plan"

Read the "Idiot" part/section. But I will say 2 more

Robin sent Usopp to get seastone handcuffs to capture Caesar at punk hazard while no one else thinks about it. Otherwise the entire facility will be filled with gas and crew get out without kairoseki and caesar will escape.

Back in Jaya arc, She stole an eternal pose to Jaya otherwise the crew might never get anywhere due to the log pose pointing at sky.

"At least when sanji/luffy/zoro do it, it's fun,"

I can at least agree with this.

AnnaSartin Nov 16, 2021

The two basic requirements are whether the characters are legal adults and whether they act at least more mature than the idiots in Rent A Girlfriend. So yes, some romances count, both heterosexual and homosexual. But there are also some comedy, fantasy, supernatural, historical, and action shows as well. But with the first three shows on the list being BL (it's in alphabetical order) I can see where that might give the misimpression that it's a very different kind of "adult" entertainment list.

AnnaSartin Nov 16, 2021

Since you mentioned wanting to see more anime featuring adults, I thought this list might help. Has anime from multiple genres: