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The Heike Story

Nov 25, 2021

I'm back for this absolute masterpiece of a show. A heike story is easily top contender for best show this season. Great animation and art style, amazing sound and music, a good story and compelling characters all come together to create an absolute joy to watch. So yes I do recommend a heike story but do give it the 3 episode test if your bored or don't care for historical shows then drop it, it's your time and don't get roped into something you won't like. Otherwise STRAP IN FOLKS THIS SHIT WAS AMAZING. yes I am overhyping it a bit but I assure you it is great. Now to the spoiler free detailed review.

First the animation, this is a new art style to me and I loved it, it kind of copied the old japasnese art. And on top of that the animation was really smooth and fluid, really a great job. 

For the sound, it's much better than most shows and the music for the opening is an amazing song on its own good sound is always a hugs plus

the characters are as close to perfect as you can get they act human, are compelling and fun . Also the voice acting all around is great 

finally the story, the biggest issue is that it's very fast but otherwise a heartwarming and gut wrenching story 

Wrapping this up it's hard to find many flaws that detract from the show so again yes I strongly advise to watch. And who doesn't want to watch Biwa go through every traumatic event in her life!  Anyways if you made it this far thanks for the read and have a good one! 

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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