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just a simple guy who likes watching anime. if you curious about any show always give it the 3/4 episode watch, if you care about a show being enjoyable first and formost check out some of my non auto corrected reviews hopefully they help you make a watch or dont watch decsion.

my reviews revolve around at least one of a few things: fun, exciting, interesting/intriguing and/or memorable. a show could have some good core qualities a deeep meaning but just not be enjoyable to watch. or they could be the most shallow story but they make you laugh. what matters is having a good time, if making justification to some existential deeper meaning of the show (like  shounens forexample) is what your looking for then im probably not the reviewer for you. a story should be understandable,follow the rules that are in the world, and know when to full sprint and know when to take it slow and breath. We want characters to grow, act like people,make hard choices and not to scream every 30 seconds please. unless its a comedy then just uh be funny i guess? thats subjective though,you get my point. 

not every show is a good show, and you wont like every good show, so never feel bad for whatever series you do enjoy just be glad you find something fun regardless of anyones  opinon. im sure ive got some stinkers in my top 10 :)

thats all i Hope you enjoy the next show you watch!

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Ilovemenarcissistic Jan 1, 2024


Aggregate 78+ sad gif anime latest - in.duhocakina


Volaju Dec 30, 2022

you do have a good taste in your watched series, gotta admit that

Volaju Dec 28, 2022

in the end if you strip black company to the roots, it's basicly about the japanese society but with a isekai fantasy spin off to it.
another great example if you want to dive in full 100% into a show that will be hard to understand try Gintama, this one will rock your world on cultural diffrences. back to isekai notice how most shows promote a hobby or a certain sport, isekai promotes suicide or feels like it eases it, idk this is my what if the world is crazy intake.

skyprincesss688 Mar 29, 2021

hi want to be friends