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I'm honestly disappointed, this was an okay ending but it could've been so much better I've gone through the whole series praising it because I just thought it was so good but now I'm rethinking all of that, like the episodes I've admired so greatly have lead up to this? It wasnt the worst ending ever it could've been worse but it just could've been so much more. And as I sit here I realize that this is the last. I can watch all the ovas, movies, and episodes all again, but I will never get anything more out of that I already have. I just wish I couldve gotten the satisfaction, the closure that I needed from this, what was supposed to end off a great series. After zeref was defeated I felt a feeling of almost emptiness, like there wasnt anything left, and I guess I was right. The very last episode is what really saddened me, not because it was the last, but because I never got what I truly wanted. The fact that you just KNEW that natsu was going to tell Lucy that he loved her but he completely ignored that and told her they were going on a quest and that to me was so stupid, what's the point?? Why couldn't they have just given us what we wanted, it was the last episode anyways they could've just left off on a happy note. Also what bothers me more is the other relationships, the fact that gray and juvia were still acting like that even a year later towards eachother? That's just so unrealistic like they would atleast get closer to eachother maybe even date I would think. Another thing that was unrealistic was the fact that nobody dies in the battle, the huge battle with over a million soldiers and 13 supposedly unbeatable opponents. They could've atleast taken out a not very important person like nab or laki, maybe even someone from another guild, but they all came back. With an ending you need to either make or break the person who's watching it. You need to make the ending so great. You have two options, you can leave on a happy note, or a very bad one. In my opinion the best example to leave on a bad note was Your Lie In April, it was so magnificently done that I can't even hate it, they had a great ending but it broke me inside, it left me with satisfaction but how I wish it could've been so much happier. I guess this would be a good but bad representation of a happy ending because everything turned out right, nobody dies, and everyone was happy in the end, and the fact was it had so much potential, it could be and was so great, but the writers ruined it. It just goes to show that it wasn't just Fairy tail it was actually a fairy tale.

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