Fairy Tail: Final Season

TV (51 eps)
2018 - 2019
Fall 2018
4.42 out of 5 from 7,152 votes
Rank #198

The final season of Fairy Tail.

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Episode 1

The Lamia Scale Thanksgiving Festival

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Because of Love

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Underground Clash

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The Purification Plan

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The 7th Guild Master

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Law of Space

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Emperor Spriggan

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To the God-Forsaken Land

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Mavis and Zeref

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Final season of Fairy Tail delivers a satisfying conclusion to the series. Story picks up where it left off - we find out who E.N.D. is, Fairy Tail has been disbanded but Lucy and Natsu are trying to bring the crew back together. First arc is a short one - we find out what Gray and Juvia have been up to, main characters get to show off their improved powers and there are some heartfelt reunions. Then, we get introduced to the "main bad guy" - Spriggan, emperor of the neighbouring empire who is about to invade Fiore. He has a group of 12 most powerful wizards with him and of course, Fairy Tail must beat them while also fighting Acnologia. Mavis and other guilds are there to help, fights are decent, there's a lot of feels and a lot of big reveals that you will greatly enjoy if you like this series. Animation in shounen series is usually not that great, and Fairy Tail s3 is not an exception. There are a lot of stills, in quite a few scenes background characters are just silhouettes and dragon movements are pretty bad. Voice acting is great as always, same cast as the previous seasons and the OST is a little different, but still contains that well known Fairy Tail theme. There are no fillers, fights aren't drawn out, story progresses at a decent pace (as I'm writing this 49 out of 51 episodes have aired). If you haven't seen it I highly suggest binge watching it - 50 episodes isn't a lot and I believe you'll enjoy it even more than if you had followed it week to week. 

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