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Oct 8, 2009


What would happen if you were told that you had only 1 minute of animation time to do whatever you wanted?  This is what happened when they asked 15 people to do just that...

Story: 8

Because Ani Kuri is somewhat different from your standard format, the idea of story cannot be compared to that of a normal anime.  Instead, you have to look at the individual 'episodes' of 1 minute long.  How much story can you show in a 1 minute clip?  The answer depends on the animator and some of these clips show incredible depth while others are just painful to sit through.  However, since you only see 1 minute of these, its a shame as some you want to see what happens next.

Animation: 8

Once again, with 15 completely different animation styles, you get your good and your bad.  Some of them are on par with the animation qualities found in some of the top range animes while there are those which seem to have been made on a budget less that a shoe string.  However, it should be able to satisify most people some way.

Sound: 8

Out of everything in the 15 'episodes' this is one which is of remarkably good quality and some of songs used fit the scenes pretty nicely.

Characters: 8

It's a bit hard to comment on this without repeating myself multiple times, but put it like this; some of the clips have characters that despite only seeing for 1 minute makes you want to know more about them.

Overall: 8

What to make of a special which is a wide and diverse as this?  To be honest this was probably the hardest review I've ever written.  At least with your standard anime you can write about a lot more since there is a greater dedication spent on it.  Here, I must say that I throughly enjoyed some of the clips and most of them were better than some animes that I've watched (notably BLAME! and Demonbane TV) and actually its a shame they were only limited to 1 minute.  Take some time out today and watch this, its well worth it and doesn't take too much out of your life.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Anathemus Nov 5, 2009

To be honest i only enjoyed the CAT short story, pretty funny, topnotch animation and sound!