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An introvert who has played an online game 100 times is so close to beating it but never can!  But what's this?  Restricted mode unlocked?  A cheat menu?! After creating his new character with max cheat stats and assuming it'll be an easy win, the main character gets isekai'd into the world of the game- as the previously-dead ancestor of a sect.  Unfortunately for him, he's not as OP as the 'cheats' insinuated, so don't expect a dime-a-dozen trashy, instant 'I am GOD' manhua here. 

"I didn't sign up to be isekai'd!" "Well, you should've read the fine print in the user agreement, lol." "But I'm just a normal guy!" "Don't sweat the small details, earthman." 

Expect: a guiding system, typical Wuxia type fantasy, parallel/game world isekai, and plenty of comedy. 

It's not terribly written, I thought it was pretty funny but I don't like most of the characters.  The art is decent and I'd recommend it if you like Trapped-In-A-Video-Game or Isekai and Martial Arts type stories.  Wouldn't recommend if you can't tolerate low-brow humor or aren't in the mood for comedy in general. 

6/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
7/10 overall
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