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Jujutsu Kaisen

Sep 28, 2020

Okay so... I do not fall under the standard demographic for shounen but regardless I've been reading shonen manga for a while now. I'm only up to chapter 80 or so and even though more than that has been published, I'm more than halfway through what's come out but I could no longer resist writing a review. I've enjoyed other shounen more tbh but this is the first time I've ever itched to write a review. 

So... the art is fantastic though I really don't like body morph as a general rule which is the only reason I gave the art a 9. The expressions, body language and character traits come across quite thoroughly through the art. Character progression is slow and steady yet you constantly feel like there's another layer and something you are missing. Even a minor crush from middle school days that pretty much has nothing to do the plot connects with the reader because it's just so human. Storywise it follows a fairly standard shounen format. I'm not mad. What works works so long as you don't do it terribly. I do feel the rivalry is slightly forced between yuuji and megumi but perhaps it's just a translation issue. Idk. 

Now onto the main reason I felt I absolutely needed to write this review. The themes. Them themes bro. Like I cannot express. It delves into those dreges of consciousness that none of us want to admit that we have contemplated(Megumi and Mai and Getou and even early Gojo). It also completely blows past such basic concepts as good and evil. It is established pretty much from the get go, through megumi, that this isn't the sort of story where the good guys are the type that want to save everyone and the bad guy are ones who kill. Yuugi is the standard shonen protagonist in that aspect but not to the point where it holds him back, he is capable of making the decision that goes against the broad notion of morals and acceptability when compared to what he actually wants to achieve. This isn't so much a story about morals but about the nature of humanity and how quickly it can change based on what you strive for and the things you have experienced. There is so much deeper you can go into the themes. I've fallen into an endless thought spiral and that doesn't generally happen with shonen. Like at all. The most I usually think is like 10 or 20 minutes. This manga has had me contemplating for at least two hours and I see no clear end. 

I wanted to write this review in the middle of binging the series to make sure I gave it the proper amount of thought it is due while also telling others that there is so much more to this manga than the surface premise would lead you to believe. Please give it a shot. 

8/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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