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aj0yf Jun 14, 2018

Gotta say, I'm a huge fan of your icon :'). Nine deserved so much better.

sothis Aug 11, 2017

Hi there, DLMP! Not sure if you're aware of the featured custom list program - it's a way to promote custom lists so that they appear on anime/manga pages. The two main types of featured lists are either "best of" ranked ones, or ones that are for specific categories such as combos of tags. 


You have a bunch of great stuff - for category lists, I've updated your "unique style", "plot twists", "lighthearted shoujo" and "no fanservice", "serious story" ones to "featured". These ones don't have reasons listed for each item, which isn't required for this list type (though, if you ever felt like adding them, it makes lists even better :) )


You have some other lists that I think would be great featured, but would need reasons added. For example, "a breath of fresh air", "anime masterpieces" and "underrated anime". If you end up adding reasons to these please let me know so I can mark them featured too!


By the way, we launched an auto-sort feature for custom lists that you might find useful. It's helpful for lists where they aren't meant to be in a specific order - the site auto sorts them alphabetically for you, if you choose 'alphabetical' from the auto-sort dropdown, on the edit page.


Thanks for all your efforts! 

spritewolf Oct 29, 2015

I'm totally in love with the black jack series. I believe that more people should watch it. I was so happy when i saw that the anime got a new start and I hope that people will go back and watsh the originals

Shivichan Mar 27, 2015

Hello! Saw that Inari konkon is in your 'Underrated animes' list, and I totally agree with you, it desrves much more! ^_^