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A breath of fresh air

List of anime with unique setting and unique characters. Not your typical school drama or shounen action.

Anime Masterpieces

This is a list of animes that made me think that the creator/s behind this anime is a genius.

Anime series/movies with no ecchi scenes, sexual contents or fan service (Part 2)

This list includes only action, horror, thriller, sci fi and suspense animes. These animes have mild/ least amount of nudity scenes and sexual contents. Some of these animes do not have any sexual contents at all.

Animes with unconventional/unique art style

This is a list of animes with very unique and unconventional animation /art style. Also, I find the story telling, plot and characters very unique and intriguing in some of them.

Anime with good stories/plots twists

These are the animes with really good stories and lot of plot twists. You never know what's going to happen next.