"Featured" custom list guidelines


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What are featured custom lists?

“Featured” custom lists are visible by the full community from anime, manga, character and people pages, as well as the full custom lists browse, even if you aren’t following the author. These guidelines describe required characteristics of a featured custom list.

Read the featured custom lists announcement here, and request becoming featured here.

Featured custom lists characteristics

A subject that appeals to the full community

  • Usually, this means “best of” lists. For ex: “Best anime for people who don’t like anime”, “Top psychological josei manga”, etc.

  • “Best of” wording implies that it’s your subjective ranking list. Without that, it sounds like your list is simply a tag list (not allowed for featured lists unless it’s something we don’t offer on Anime-Planet already)

  • Or, an alphabetically sorted list for something we don’t offer on Anime-Planet. For example, I maintain a Surfing Manga list because we don’t have a surfing tag. Note that it’s usually better to suggest we add a tag, so that a staff member can maintain a custom list if needed in most cases. This makes it easier to convert to a tag later.

  • Most other types of lists, such as personal tracking (things you plan to watch, things you watched a month ago), “challenge” or game lists, etc, are kept “people visiting my profile”, because they don’t appeal to the wider community. These can be seen in your profile by anyone, and across the site by your followers.

  • Impression/seasonal lists are also not ‘featured’. Instead, please consider posting in the specific anime or current season thread, which are meant for episodic/ongoing discussion.

  • Note that a list whose entire purpose is a spoiler needs to be set to ‘people visiting my profile’ level. For example, an anime custom list titled “anime that end with the main character dying” is a spoiler. Same thing for a characters list titled “characters who died”, etc.

An understandable title

  • A user should know what your list contains before clicking the name.
    • Good: “Best anime for people who don’t like anime”

    • Bad: “Yuck!”, “Anime”, “Psychological josei manga” (instead of “Best [or Top or Ranked, etc] psychological josei manga”).

  • No numbers or other formatting in the titles. Some users add things like: “01. Best psychological josei manga” so that lists are sorted in a specific order in their profile. This looks strange in the anime, manga, and other information pages, so featured lists cannot have them in the title.

A list description

Even if it’s a sentence long, featured lists should have a description.


  • Unless your list is an alphabetically sorted list for a specific category we don’t offer on Anime-Planet, featured lists should have reasons listed for each item.

  • For example, if the list is ‘Best psychological josei manga’, sorted by which you think are best, put the reason why each one is in the list.

(Optional) Links in the reasons

While not required, an added bonus is having links inside of the reasons, if applicable. For example, if the list is “Best psychological josei manga” and one of the reasons discusses the manga’s protagonist, you could link the name of the protagonist to the character entry on Anime-Planet.

What does it mean if my lists aren’t featured?

Custom lists are still a great tool that you can use for personal tracking, content you think your followers would like, and more! There are two privacy levels to choose from:

  • People visiting my profile. These lists can be seen by anyone visiting your profile, or anywhere on the main site (entry pages, the full browse, etc) for people who follow you.

  • No one. Use this level for personal lists that you don’t want anyone else to see.

We do suggest that you use the reviews feature for anything review-like, even if it’s only a short paragraph (kept as the default ‘people visiting my profile’ level), because even small reviews are very helpful to your friends and followers.

Or, post impression content in the specific anime or current season threads. The forum and site are integrated now, so you can post in the forum after logging into your site account, with no hassles!
question: What about the length of a list, ie the number of entries in it? (This issue might be best addressed with a public poll.) I doubt there's any specific number for min or max size, but as a basic guideline?

1) Minimum size; Obviously a list of just 2 or 3 items would be pointless, but where would the line in the sand really be? 6? 10? It would also make some difference whether the list is something which will never increase (ie "the anime in the NAME HERE trilogy" would never have more than 3) vs something which is only temporarily short (ie "the anime I've found so far with flying motorcycles" might start with only 3, but would likely expand to 10 or 20 or 200, etc at some point). In which case, what would be the 2 numbers? Perhaps 6 minimum if it's permanent, 3 min if it's expected to expand? ....or should a currently short list be kept private until it expands to the minimum number?

2) Maximum size; While too short lists are bad, and any given list should cover it's topic as completely as possible, a list which is too long will never get read (a literal "tl:dr" sitch). A what point does a list become too long? 30? 50? 100? When it reaches 2 pages (which is a rather weird number, 54 per page, either 50 or 55 would be more logical)? There will likely be exceptions (like if 20 is chosen as the max, viewing order lists for diff series may likely go over the limit).