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This website is definitely run by 15 yo mfs lmao

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VomixWitch Jun 29, 2022

about your yuka comment on the character being a cicgender or whatever and not trans i get it but dont point stuff at western fans just say some fans cuz tbh other people who are not western also think the same thing and only some western fans think that (dont want to start a problem but saying western fans is targeting all of them and its just not true only some are in the wrong just like japanese fans also have this problem the same with others from diffrent countries) just something to think about 

OsumarefromMAL Jun 20, 2022

Thank you for calling out SoraSky1995, it's extremely ridiculous that he was so mad over the opinions of a fictional character that he went to at least 10+ different profiles to spam.

halycondayz Jun 19, 2022

LMAO, I just looked at the comments and I don't think I've ever laughed harder. 

Mintymingi Jun 15, 2022

Hi. I noticed we got into an argument before abt Alluka from Hxh and while I still don't agree with you, I wanna apologize. I saw your comment on Yuka from Blue Period and I completely agree with you on that and I wanna be moots on animeplanet with you for that reason lol. Do you think we could?

MomoLilya May 18, 2022

As a queer person, I don't think he's trans from what I've seen of him. But I don't know what's in the manga or LN though.

I think this situation is similar to that character in Nanana. From what I've seen in the anime, that character identifies as male yet they're listed as trans. Might be my lack of knowledge due to not having read the manga but idk.