Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #6,408
Rank #3,577

Anime Roles

Kotoura-san: Haruka no Heya Secondary
The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura Secondary

Manga Roles

Kotoura-san Main

Related Characters

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MrDacat Jan 22, 2022

the reason I dropped this anime, her being forgiven so easily after everythink she did damn right pisses me off

OsumarefromMAL Jan 13, 2022

I know she changed at the end, but I still do not like her. She really only changed her behavior because the guy she had a crush on called her out for being a bully. If she had no feelings for Manabe or someone else called her out, she most likely would've laughed it off and been even crueler to poor Kotoura.

LordSeyama Mar 26, 2021

I don't know if my own experiences or biases are playing against me right now, but I feel that characters like her are nothing but actual bullshit... This whole idea of a bully redeeming themselves, apologizing and becoming friends with their victims just feels so unrealistic to me, it doesn't really make sense...

As someone who was bullied for years, I just can't see it happen... It feels stupid, to be honest... This was the same reason why I couldn't enjoy A Silent Voice as much as I wanted to; I just cannot accept that this could actually happen...

Still, as I said... It might just be me remembering my trauma or whatever; maybe the fact that I wanted this to happen to me but never did is now making me see it as an impossibility.

Anyway, leaving my ranting aside... Moritani was lucky that Kotoura was as kind and forgiving as she was; not everyone would be willing to forgive such hurtful actions... If it had been me, I would have sent her straight down to hell...

l4wLi3t Oct 10, 2020

sorry i hate her. if she did all that shit to me i wouldn't forgive her. I would probably snitched at that one part too.

LogicalThought Sep 7, 2020

I like the fact that even though she still loves the main protagonist's love interest, she's not one of those generic characters who are like "No no, I don't care he's mine!" But she accepts it and actually becomes friends with the MC.