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4.5 Star Shows

This list is for the shows who were just below good enough to make it onto my 5 star list. However, they're still some of my favorite shows! (only full seasons, no OVAs)

4 Star Shows

These shows have all been rated 4 stars. I really like these shows, but they're not my favorites! (only full seasons, no OVAs)

5 Star Shows

These are all of the shows that I've watched which are rated 5 stars! Only shows who deserve it make it here ;) By that, I mean only shows which I've completely, thoroughly enjoyed come here! (only full seasons, no OVAs)

BL Shows I've Watched

Ordered by my favorites! (This includes some that have strong BL hints)

Danscream & Jeß

This is a list of different anime that both TheMasterOtaku and I have watched (or are currently watching), either together or by recommendation. These are anything from partial episodes to the entire show. Even if it was Stalled...