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Any suggestions for "cant miss" animes?


Hmm me... im just an anti-social kid who can watch a season of anime in 2 days without breakin a sweat Xd while attending school at NIU

i finished the entire FMA series in one weekend, and the next i re watched Gundam Wing to bring back my childhood (im not even 19 and i know the best years of my life are already over)

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Ladieburd Dec 14, 2009

Ah, I see. Yeah, Champloo pretty much kicks ass. XD

Ladieburd Dec 11, 2009

OMG FOR SERIOUS!?! I didn't realize you had seen Beck MCS...or that you liked it. I showed it to a friend of mine who was like, "this is a really crappy anime, but i have to keep watching it" and I was like, "WIN!" He told me it was because he knows a guy from Thailand whose English is not that great... :P I also would have liked to see some episodes dealing with the American tour, especially since they seem to devote a lot of the opening credits to touring (in America, I am guessing...).

I didn't realize you had started Baccano! either...I didn't bother to glance at your watched list when I was reccomending things so it was just kind of a what I could come up with off the top of my head that I thought you might enjoy...but you also enjoy some other animes that I didn't think you would be that into...correct me if I am wrong, but you did watch and sort of enjoy Chobits....

But Samurai Champloo. It will rock your socks.

Lorielle Dec 10, 2009

Forgive me but I think I am going to break my own anti-social bubble and rudely post a comment on your home page in regards to the anime watching suggestions from Ladieburd. She is a good friend of mine and I can't help but notice comments on her profile page. This is just the first time I felt like posting regarding those comments.

Mostly I am posting this in respose to her comment about the anime Monster. I am the friend that recomended it to her. I happen to love Monster so far, but it isn't for everyone. It is slow paced and extremely story driven with deep character development being of utmost importance. The times that it makes you laugh it makes you laugh awkwardly.

I looked at the anime you gave 5 stars and Monster really doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories of the anime you seemed to love. Mostly, It looks like you greatly enjoy anime that is action packed with some story and little character development. You also seem to greatly enjoy quirky and comidic anime.

I completly agree with Ladieburd about Samurai Champloo and probably Soul Eater based on what little I have seen and know of it. You might want to try something like Cromartie High School as well since it seems to fit into the random that is FLCL. If you don't like it the episodes are only about 10 min. long and no real story means less pain in dropping it.

Please forgive my rudeness for this post and have a great day! ^_^

Ladieburd Dec 8, 2009

That's awesome! Those are some great trying points. :-)

Hmm...I haven't watched a lot over the last few months cause I have been busy working and don't have the time like I did over the summer...

I'm in the middle of Soul Eater right now and I am really enjoying that a lot. It's about the same length as Full Metal Alchemist and they may or may not have a dub for, I like Beck Mongolian Chop Squad which is kind of a retarded anime, but I love it so much....I hear Baccano! is really awesome, but I have not gotten a chance to watch that yet...I finally finished Hell Girl, but the ending was really retarded....OH, if you have not watched Samurai Champloo, watch that cause it is super awesome fantastic sauce....I also hear Monster is pretty good, it came highly recommended from a friend of mine.

Ladieburd Dec 7, 2009

I can give you points for effort. :-) I usually give points for effort cause at least your intentions were good.