Treasure Hunter (Hitoshi TOMIZAWA)

Alt title: Uchuu Juubee

Vol: 3; Ch: 27
1994 - 1995
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Treasure Hunter (Hitoshi TOMIZAWA)

He is the greatest adventurer that has ever lived! His name is Jubei, and he is the Treasure Hunter! He'll go anywhere to get anything for you...if the price is right. In his first adventure, Jubei is hired by a mysterious woman to retrieve a mystical food that grants eternal youth. It's a simple job, but when Jubei learns the secret of the special ingredient, he realizes that this job won't be a piece of cake! In Jubei's next mission, he is recruited to find a powerful statue that grants unlimited power to those who possess it! Will Jubei survive this swashbuckling adventure?

Source: Central Park Media

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