Q-Ko-Chan: The Earth Invader Girl

Alt title: Q-ko-chan the Chikyuu Shinryaku Shoujo

Vol: 2; Ch: 19
2002 - 2004
2.797 out of 5 from 51 votes
Rank #15,438
Q-Ko-Chan: The Earth Invader Girl

In the near-future on planet Earth, a world gone mad where never-ending war is a fact of life, Kirio is the coolest kid at school. Up in the sky, a giant robot is fighting a fleet of gunships, but the brilliant and distant Kirio is far from fazed - until the battling 'bot makes an unexpected landing in Kirio's front yard and rings the bell. But the worst threat for Kirio could be what stands on the other side of the door: an alien invader robot with the face of an adorable girl!

Source: Del Rey

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matteroffact Jun 8, 2011
Score 7/10

Q-Ko Chan, a work by FLCL mangaka Ueda Hajime, is sci-fi warfare in a quasi- post apocalyptic context with the cutest mechs you’ll ever see. It opens with the character Kirio encountering Q-Ko, the cute battle mech who can morph into a battle ready form. The story gets rolling when, meeting Q-Ko, Kirio is asked to “board her now!” from there, this story of teen angst, awkward romances, sexual... read more



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