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Alt title: Wo Laopo Shi Mowang Daren

My Wife is the Demon Queen
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Jan 18, 2020

Let see what is the selling point. Story is your generic isekai. Nothing new and original here. First few chapters,there's already hint that the MC is the so called chosen one in prophecy. Typical cliche in many story.  Maybe he is reincarnation of God or descendant of God,creator. No originality. Then in recent chapters,there are also hint of time travelling. First major arc is tournament arc,also another cliche and it's  too long and dragging. 

So even if the story has no originality,maybe the demon queen is great? Again,nope. She is another generic cliche,a tsundere. Not to mention she is not a pure girl(other males get to grope her,so much for being demon queen,more like demon whore where every males get to grop her),so not a good waifu material. There's really isn't any selling point to this manhua.

This manhua did not do anything new that other Japanese manga never done. You are not going to miss anything if you skip this.

4/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jun 12, 2019

I would recommend this to anyone who like overpowered or smart mcs. But there such slow pacing it looks like it will take   3 years to finish, the storyline hardly moving, just showing some side stuff. Also he shows something op but doesn’t use it anymore like wtf you start using trash stuff, because you made him use mad op weapon but then soon after don’t show him using again. All he need uses is that weapon but he doesn’t. Originally would’ve been 7/10 but I like gundams and demon queen so hot I raise to 9/10. And wtf Mc can be god but doesn’t do so. If you like powerful Mc that aint let anyone touch his girl then you found the right manga

4/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Aug 7, 2020

What can you see in "my wife is a demon queen". Well you have the classic isekai with a normal human being who is transfered to another world because of a ring. That seems cliche and you are thinking about an overpowered MC with a hidden power because he's the incarnation of i dont know what. That's not it.

MC is just a normal boy, he won't shine with magic spells nor with swordmanship. In fact he has no magika at all unlike the demon queen who's perfect in both. MC will become what they call smiths and craftmanship. To summarize MC will draw and by thinking about the mechanism of what he is drawing, he can create objects. The system of classes is logical and easy to understand. It permits to create some powers without forcing the reader to ask himself "how ? I cant understand what is this shit, how powers work is this ??" like you can have in a bunch of bad manga about powers like that.

MC wont shine with his physical abilities but with his brain. He will quickly create a bunch of things to make his life easier and to fight of course. I love the concept and it creates some good fights with reflexion and not only the cliche of the one with the biggest kamehameha wins. The start is not revealer of the story. The arc of the tournament is slow and quite boring, I was scrolling quite faster to overtake the fights with secondary characters. As you can guess, this arc is meant to introduce every characters. It's slow, quite boring but necessary because all those characters will a role to play. Of course not everything is to throw away. There was some good moment and MC's fights were godlike in my opinion. After the tournament, the story becomes more interesting. In this manhwa, you will also find some good reference for the gundam saga or LoL for instance. Always refreshing to see. The comedy was not that bad either.

Regarding the characters, I like a bunch of them. MC is really good because it's not the cliche shounen airhead. He's smart and wants to help the girl he likes. The queen is very strong and quite tsundere but she's cute in some moments and you will quickly understand the bond they share. Even if the romance is quite slow paced, you will have some symbolic moments that will show you that the MC is very important for the queen and I really enjoyed those moments. We can also talk about Eli who's basically a muscled airhead. He can be quite insightful in some moment and I like him too because he's refreshing for the story. That's it for the characters I prefer the most.

Let's talk about the art. It's simply beautiful as hell. Not as beautiful as solo leveling but you have some great drawing during fights, great eyes, great girls too (lol).

To conclude, I recomend to read if you like smart MC, fighting shounen with a bit of romance. You can have some mature moments as well, it's not only a childish shounen manhwa that's why I like that much this manhwa without being a huge fan of shounen like manga/hwa.

The recipe is simple but my wife is a demon queen does it very well with enough variation to not be repetitive with other manga/manhwa.

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8/10 story
9/10 art
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Dec 31, 2019

Story - Very slow story and romance progress. Tournament arc is the worst tournament arc I ever seen. There is nothing much I can said here due to the story being too slow. Action scenes are terrible. If you want a action show,just stick to Attack on Titan,Naruto,One Piece,Hunter x Hunter,Fullmetal Alchemist etc. There are people specialize in mage class,combat class,sword class etc but no one ever thought of hybrid among them? Oh well.

Art - Definitely the strongest point of this manhua. The artist and the author are two different person and the artist did a much better job than the author. Artist>author

Characters - Xiang Ye is alright. He cares a lot for Isabella. Isabella is your one dimensional cardboard typical tsundere girl. Emotionless and no personality outside her tsundere tropes. Villains are edgy as hell. The rest of the side characters are not good and unncescessary screen time wasted on them.

Overall - In addition to the slow pace,there are lots of terrible cliffhanger and chapters delay so it's hard to find enjoyment. You know it's bad when you feel more stress than enjoyment reading this manhua. Isabella got defile when other male got to hug her. I prefer my waifu remain pure like many waifu from Japanese romance/harem manga. This manhua has some comedy moments but it's rare. Sometimes,I found it funny,sometimes I cringe at the unfunny jokes. At first,it's interesting to see Xiang Ye use technology from Earth to fight in this fantasy world but later,  his knowledge has actually surpass our current knowledge and there's just no limit to his scientific knowledge. 

5/10 story
9/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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May 5, 2020

In one sentence - Apart from its Attractive Art works, it is subpar in every other aspects.

Story is as usual, nothing new. Similar that of Shin Wolford, Arifureta..... and others - that is, the usual plot where the  transported "Chosen Hero" will have to save their currently conflicted world. No notable comedy or other developements.....

Character developemnet is stagnant, not growing at all.  Demon Queen is a overpowered, tsundere with teenager level mentality and an enchanting appearance of an adult - Nothing more. Her personality - ??.

And MC gains the title "Unparallel Prodigy", thanks to the advanced technology in earth. No notable side character developement apart from the lip-servicing - "Wow, Amazing MC!".... and loud noises.

What's more - Just by drawing a truck or Ironman suit or AI driven Robots or a nuke bomb in a sheet, yes - in a piece of paper or in ground, a perfectly working truck, Advanced Ironman suit, AI driven Robots and a handheld NUKE gun! will magically appear before you to use it in a medivel era! - What should i say an Overly Overimagined Fantasy?! 

MC's inventions after inventions without much prior thought of consequence....... Air headedness, Superiority complex.... and at the end of the day, everything works fine and everyone praises him! - What's more - MC's opponent will always have a mentality of a "bullying"- child or severely arrogant.

A Collapse.

3/10 story
8.5/10 art
4/10 characters
4/10 overall