Lovely Allergen (Novel)

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Lovely Allergen (Novel)

Song Yu has three requirements for Yue Zhishi: 1. You cannot call me gege in public. 2. We won’t do anything together in public. 3. You cannot let other people know you live with me. Yue Zhishi has always been obediently following these rules. They were practically strangers at school. At the opening ceremony, he suddenly collapsed due to an allergy-related asthma attack, sending everything into chaos. At this moment, the student representative Song Yu suddenly stopped speaking... That night, a hot post appeared on the school forum. "Shock!! Our junior high school department male idol and our senior high school department male idol are actually ‘brothers’!" Ever since his father brought back a mixed-race baby when he was six years old...

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Oh dear.. my heart is throughoutly shaken by this novel. I detest my past self so much for wavering whether to read it or not. And i detest the people who make complaints about the pace of this story even more. You just know it it's a masterpiece when sweetness evokes bitterness and turns on the tearbuds. First of all, let's talk about my feelings. My heart has been pierced so hard and accurately by this novel. This novel is relatively not complicated plot wise but it's very sentiment heavy. The emotions are so well defined that I lost myself in the abyss of it's dept. The whole story contains impeccable sweetness but followed by complicated aftertaste. It tugged at each of my heartstrings and brought out my protective instincts. Because it's utterly and unbearably precious. This novel doesn't egg on and on about how immaculate,flawless and intelligent the main leads are but emphasizes on minute details and raw emotions which in result makes the readers come to that conclusion by themselves without it being forced upon them. There's no one-dimensional characters who are just black and white but each of the existing person is tinged with complex human natures. All of them have reason for the way they are or the way they present themselves. Nobody is a cannon fodder acting like headless fly with their sole purpose being the glorification of the main leads. It's extremely realistic and relatable. The author tried to present the massage to the readers that,in real life, there are few invincible protagonist and it is also very difficult to find truly evil villains. They're all but a bunch of clumsy and awkward people ,who would unintentionally do things of their own impulsive natures. There are people who would lightly laugh off those actions but there are also some who would tumble deeper and deeper until their various emotions carried them away from their original intentions. So,truthfully speaking,there's no straightforward right or wrong. The author has an unique and unconventional way of highlighting the surrounding elements and blending them with emotions and reality in a metaphoric way. Which in turn makes each gesture 100x times more magnified. Those fleeting motions are nothing grandiose but little to unnoticeable acts of sincerity and care. Those precious moments are described and defined ever so engrossingly that I found myself unable to hold back my tears. And if I were to talk about my dearest yue zhishi, I have to say I've become to obsessively attached to him. He's a fluffy ball of warm sunshine that lights up my heart. He's pure,filled with innocence of childish youth. But he's definitely not an ignorant,spoiled brat whose kindness stemps from ignorance. He's precious,sensible and so lovely... then there's my dear song yu. At present most the authors tend to define a male lead with just some few outward personas of being aloof,cold,unfeeling,uncaring,rude but soft for only the mc. But that's not how he is. Although he IS kind of unresponsive and apathetic but that's because he's innately unable to express himself like other people. But inside him he possesses the most gentle of all hearts. He's clearly not cold and aloof but kind of withdrawn which is his defence mechanism to avoid suffering the uncertainties. He's very attentive,warm,caring and gentle. But always hides away fron being seen. You just have to be a little more attentive to realize how much of a keeper he is. And his almost unnoticeable warmth is not only directed towards his love interest but towards everybody he cares for. All it takes is just a little bit patience to perceive his actions of care and love. I'VE FALLEN SO DEEPLY FOR BOTH OF THEM. I feel very blessed for witnessing their transaction from childhood to adulthood and inbetween creating precious memories and reliving those cherished memories engraved in heart. Then there's song papa and song mama as in song jin and lin rong. They're the best parents I've ever seen. Both as parents,friends and as a person as a whole. I could even give up on myself to be born as their child. They're such amazing people.. Then there's Jiang Yufan, Qin Yan, Shen Mi, Nan Jia, and even Xu Lin and Qu Zhi. All these guys are such amazing friends and companions. I love each of them from the core of my heart. I love how unbridled qin yan and shen mi is and how they keep picking at xiao yu gege. I love how openminden,devoted and loving xiao fan is. Xiao jia jie is really the best,most understanding and mature, qu zhi is the coolest and xu lin is such a tsundere QAQ. And about thier dynamic and love for eachother? Trust me, I have read so many outsanding books with so many kind of love stories that are unforgettable yet no matter how many kinds of love I witness, each people's way of loving is different so are their experiences and when i read this book i thought to myself ,"So love can be so painfully beautiful,huh? How especially heartbreaking and heartfelt it is to love someone with their every breath..."  They treasure eachother so much,too unbearably much. The process of them mastering up their courage and resolve and getting together has been an odious ordeal. But I'm proud of them for not giving in to their impulses and throwing out their concerns for the consequences they might face for their immaturity. I'm so greatful to the author for choosing the way she did in their relationship development. And the way both of them get jealous over eachother is especially cute and silly. Makes me smile ear to ear. I just wish them a lifetime of happiness. I hope they keep living on in my heart for as long as i live. But what you have to know is this novel is more than just a lovestory revolved around two person. It's also about exploring them,getting to know them, seeing them overcoming their fears and anxiety, watching them take one step forward in embracing themselves and realize their selfworth,it about family and friends, it's about never giving up in the face of disasters and above all it's about respect and understanding. When i looked at the chapter number getting closer and closer to the ending i felt insurmountable reluctance. All the people have become so close to my heart, not being able to see them for a long while as they go on with their lives is very anguishing to me. But still My heart will always hold them very very dearly. THE SMUT PARTS TOTALLY NAILED ME ONTO THE GROUND FROM INTENSE NOSEBLEEDING. I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS SUCH EXQUISITELY, IMMENSELY SENSUALLY AND IMMACULATELY WRITTEN SMEXY SCENES OH MY GOD!!!! I'M SO SINFUL AND LEWD!!! BUT ALSO SO GREATFUL!!! ok let's calm down and turn back to moral human being. And stop being so down into the gutter and return our focus on the main parts written above.

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