Vol: 22; Ch: 194
2009 - 2013
4.151 out of 5 from 1,155 votes
Rank #2,367

Washitzu Naosata, the ruler of the powerful state, Unabara, is looking for his successor. He calls upon all 31 of his sons and tells them to search for whoever they believe to be the strongest martial artist of all. Each of their chosen martial artists are then to fight against each other - until only one remains. Whoever is the winner, whoever has the strongest martial artist in the nation by his side, will become his successor...

Source: MU

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Kezmark Apr 8, 2011
Score 8/10

I'm just going to start this by saying that this is by far the best shounen manga out there in my opinion, there are just so many good things to be said about it and little to no bad things, this truly has taken the shounen mold and shaped it close to perfection by cutting up all the unnecessary things.

The manga as a whole is fast, things always happen and it doesn't feel like it's stalling for... read more

sinichigo's avatar
sinichigo Jan 2, 2018
Score 9/10

samurai + killings = death match yeah!! read more



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