Baby Hostage’s So Cute (Novel)

Alt title: Agi Bolmoga Neomu Gwiyeowo (Novel)

Ch: 435
2020 - 2022
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Baby Hostage’s So Cute (Novel)

She has returned to the starting point of all her misfortune. ‘I thought that I would return to my childhood and repeat the same life without any difference…But yes! Now I am given the chance to be taken as a hostage instead of the princess!’ After the war, Elaine has been taken as a hostage by the King instead of the princess. However, everyone’s behavior towards Elaine is different. “Call me Daddy.” Starting with the Emperor who told her to call him Dad. “Here, Eat this”. “Hurry, eat everything here.” And the Queen who is impatient to feed…And, “I’m going to kill every single one of you.” “I’m going to turn you all into a handful of ash.” “I didn’t hurt you physically, I just ruined your reputation in society.” Even the strange older brother threatened them, one by one, who dared to come near me. Is this all really okay…?

Source: NU

Includes 18 extra chapters.

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