Tearmoon Empire

Alt title: Tearmoon Teikoku Monogatari

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2023
3.667 out of 5 from 1,413 votes
Rank #3,507

The Tearmoon Empire has fallen. As the flames of revolution scour the land, the empire’s ever-selfish princess, Mia, is publicly executed by way of the guillotine...only to wake up in the past as her twelve-year-old self! The empire’s back, the revolution is a distant memory, and sweets are once again on the table!

Source: J-Novel Club

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Tearmoon Empire is a pretty funny anime, it surprised me. Mia trying to survive, thinking in a selfish way, yet all her actions come across as amazing and glorious, was funny. It was fun watching her turn everything around, making everyone like her, making choices for her country in order to survive, was fun. The strongest aspect of this anime was its comedy, and its story was decently good too. Mia starts off as someone who was selfish, and this isn't something that necessarily changes throughout the anime, but she does gain more compassion towards others. So I'd say there is character development with her, but not too much. She starts off with hating majority of the other characters, but as she spends time with them, with starting off with just the intention to use them, she begins to care for them. She also makes good choices for her country and her people, and one of her reasons is to protect herself, but her other motivation is the fact she wants to help these people. So while she may be selfish and want to save herself from dying again, she also wants to help people, which made her likable. The story mainly focuses on Mia and her working to survive, and this is done in a few different ways. The story shows her form bonds with people who she never even thought about becoming friends with in her first life, it shows her at the academy and how different she is from her first life, and then her working with politics to help her country and the people she cares about. So the story isn't fantastic or anything, nothing complex, but more feels like a series of events that are losely tied together in order for Mia to work to survive. It was light-hearted for the most part, and with Mia, it was funny, so it was decently good. The animation and music were well-done and I think they fit the lightheartedness of this series well. The CGI scenes were a bit off-putting but it wasn't anything that ruined the anime or anything, overall it was pretty good. The strongest aspect of this anime was the comedy and how light-hearted and silly it was. Everyone misunderstanding Mia, yet things still working out for her happened a lot, but it was still decently funny. Another thing I found funny was Mia's dramatic reactions to things. Overal, it's a pretty good comedy anime, it's fun.

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