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    Posted by g3data on Aug 2, 2017
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    Well I'd think that a Kyoto Animation show is worth trying. I've only disliked one of their shows, and that was Musaigen no Phantom.
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    Posted by Thrawn on Aug 2, 2017
    They're making a anime more than a decade after the manga finished? Now I'm intrigued.
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    I wouldn't even know what this is if not for the Jump Ultimate Stars game for DS.
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    Episode 1:

    The episode finished with Chapter 9 from the manga, so pacing-wise it's very fast, though it did skip entire chapters and scenario's entirely.

    The first chapter was covered in the first half of the episode, and while also fast paced, it gave off the same sense of confusion and randomness as the first chapter of the manga, so I can't really say that worked against it.

    Seems they're gonna be ignoring everything not 100% related to the overall plot of bigger arcs down the line, so we can expect lots to be skipped to fit it all in. I feel like the biggest problems came from trying to save 5 seconds here and there not showing certain scenes that would've greatly improved the flow of the episode.

    Will be interesting to monitor from here on out.
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    I love this anime! Suupuushan is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!
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    This was originally Soul Hunter released as Soul Hunter in 1999. The new studio has updated the story with new 3D and 2D CGI as well as a new color pallet. The original was ink and paint with watercolor. Dakki, of course, takes a more forword role in the new ver. and is more seducing than in the old. But is essential the same story with a re-write of the plot keeping the main elements of the story. On a personal note, I like the original better due to the fact that the story gave the viewer more background info on the plot and characters. But please watch both Hoshin and Soul Hunter to see the difference that 20 years of animation technology makes and also how modern studios can either mess up a classic or make it better. Damn, I should put this in the reviews.
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    Ugh, I'm so mad at what they did to one of series I grew up with. No amount of issues with the studio staff or money will ever excuse the incoherent mess of a story they made. Word of advise to anyone curious about this anime: avoid the anime. You will much happier and better off reading the manga instead.
  9. Scruffy8642

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    Gosh, what to say about this... I guess the dead thread says it all. It's actually not possible to understand the story from watching this alone. I read the manga a few weeks ago before watching this and it quickly become one of my favourites ever, but this is just dumb.

    Out of the five or so main arcs, this doesn't even cover the one it focuses on properly. Characters and events that have been skipped over entirely are referenced as if the viewers are supposed to know who they are or what happened. The opening scene of every episode spoils something that happens in the final arc, which the anime teases at constantly, but is completely cut. In the end, I'm not even sure this covered 1/4 of the manga, yet the majority of the events took place 3/4 through the series. The comedy and fourth-wall breaking, which is one of the most charming points of the series is cut. Pretty much all of Taikobo's scheming showing how smart he is is cut.

    Basically there are no redeeming qualities of this. If you have any interest in the series at all, please, please, please check out the manga.

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