Daily Manga Thoughts 2: The Return

Discussion in 'General Manga Discussion' started by randomredneck, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Well I certainly totally do not engage with such lowly criminal scum, but there does seem to be more consistency. More series get regular updates than suddenly stopping by a pretty good margin. A series one picks up being canceled IRL rather early is a bigger concern.
    And the "big" series have scanlators falling over themselves to snipe series at the first opportunity.

    It's actually kind of a concern: there's people in the industry that leak the digital files used for the prints, which means the fastest pirates can get a translated chapter out literally before the Japanese version is available for sale. That genuinely upsets me, what with legal services like mangaplus literally letting people read the latest chapters for free, yet being undercut like this. It's probably just a matter of time before places like r/manga gets targeted by the ritual purgings that the industry does occasionally in order to protect the precedent of their copyrights. The mods are scared to confront the issue, and it's going to come back to bite them when the day of reckoning comes and the admins come a'knocking with a cease and desist letter they received from the manga industry.
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    Oh, right, legal day one releases are a thing now (as in, for years). I've forgotten about it since CrunchyRoll got neutered by Kodansha.
  3. BrainBlow

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    Yeh, but manga plus doesn't require a subscription or anything. You can read it through the app or in a familiar browser format just like if you were a degenerate pirate, for free. No signup or trial. The (quite cheap) subscription is for older chapters and other perks. It's pretty much the ideal format for online manga and does not gatekeep consumption and discussion of new chapters, so it makes me buttmad when lazy pirates abandon any pretense about the morality of customer convenience and elegant service.

    The translation quality is also better, so time is the only edge pirates have, and it's only an edge by virtue of actual corporate theft since the chapters are released on a consistent weekly basis. You don't actually have to wait longer for each chapter.
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  4. thor123

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    Mangaplus does have one big negative point though: the image quality...

    DMT: Tomo-chan is ending on the 14th of July and I can't wait for it to finally end. I used to really like it but now it's definitely going to become one of the many annoying romance manga that end when they finally get together...

    ...unless the author pulls a truck-kun on us, or decides to start a sequel of a slightly different genre (not impossible seeing his past works)
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    DMT: There's a new subscription service for bl manga that's just launched and while I like having another publisher around and I like that they scored two Haruko Kumota licenses bc I love her work, I just want to be able to hand over money once and receive a copy of a whole book that's mine and that I can read even if the service shuts down. Bah. Subscription services are great in a lot of ways and Renta's model with cheap manga rentals is nice for trashy stuff I know I won't want to keep, but I want to own things too! I don't even need my books to be print copies (nice if I can have the option though), but I want to be able to keep them in a format that's gonna stay accessible.
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    Don't you just hate it when a manga sequel has a much shittier art style? Fucking hell, I was all psyched for Last Order, but it just looks so bad in comparison.
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    Well it could always be worse, like battle royale's sequel:


    *loud coughing in the distance*
  8. HasseRovdjur

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    That's no too far off from what happened with Alita...
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  9. BrainBlow

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    I could imagine he's gonna make a sequel series, tho. The current title would not really fit.

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