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    Posted by sothis on Oct 12, 2019
    Today we've launched another preliminary change to the anime and manga pages, in preparation for the "full" redesign launch. We hope to have the full version, which includes a major change to the top area of the page, out sometime soon. The top of the page looks a bit... strange on empty pages (for example, obscure titles). But we wanted to get out the numerous improvements asap as a checkpoint to the full version. The full, pretty, amazing version is coming soon!

    This launch includes some functional changes, and many visual changes:

    Tag separation

    Tags are now separated from "trigger" (aka content warning) tags, in a section called Content Warnings. Trigger tags now have a minimal style compared to "normal" tags, but you can still hover on them to get the tag definition.

    OLD (manga: Killing Stalking)




    Franchise separation

    Franchises are being completely revamped so that pages are less noisy. There's now an "other franchise" and "same franchise" tab. Other franchise links to the first item in other/related franchises. One good example is Dragon Ball.

    Mods have finalized some initial rules for this section and are slowly migrating content, so it will take time before every page is updated. We understand that on pages with huge franchises, this means there's a lot of cards appearing. We'll clean that up daily.


    We've heard your feedback and have launched a way to see your status in the cards. Read this for more info and future plans.

    If you have comments about the relations feature change and your ideal "mark a franchise" feature, please read and reply in this thread instead. We'll read and reply to your feedback there - and things we've heard so far are summarized in that thread. We can then look into creating the sort of feature you're looking for somewhere on the site where it makes sense.



    New "card" view, bottom section of the page

    The entire bottom of the entry has been replaced with something close to the full redesign.

    • Full width (no right-hand column past a certain point)
    • More recommendations appear by default
    • More videos appear by default
    • A standardized "card" style with 8 per section
    • A greatly enhanced mobile experience and appearance
    • Feed section has been removed, but you can still access it with sub-navigation
    • "No content" images and calls to action
    • You can now love/hate (characters) or love (staff) from the card itself
    • There's a new "Staff" page for anime/manga entries, as we only show a max of 8 on the entry homepage. Right now these show the same card design as the entry homepage. As we progress through the full redesign we'll look at new ways to handle these sub-pages.





    Other changes

    Other miscellaneous changes:

    • The add to list/custom list widget has been shifted around a bit in the header area. This widget is turning into a button in the full redesign, and we might launch that ahead of the full redesign.

    • The aggregated Stalled and Won't [Watch/Read] stats have been removed from the entry pages. You can still mark these statuses, but the aggregated counts no longer appear. This was a purposeful decision, as these stats are mostly irrelevant to the wider community. We do plan to launch "friend" info later on.

    Known issues

    • Table view is a bit weird on some pages (such as the rating star widget being on a new line)
    • The discussion area is full width right now - it shouldn't be, that'll be fixed first.
    Rather than posting bugfixes here, we'll do so in this bug thread, so please subscribe to it if you'd like to see what gets fixed over the next week. We'll close it after that. If you find other bugs, please do not post them here, post them in the bug forum in a new thread.

    Next steps

    We'll now immediately pivot to finishing off the top of the page. If you find bugs, please report them in the bug section (not here).

    Thanks, as always, for your support of Anime-Planet. We're really looking forward to showing you the full redesign!

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  2. Blackysensei

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    Thanks as always everything look great, thanks for the hard work, looking forward to the next changes, ❤️
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  4. Helbaworshipper

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    To the future indeed.
  5. Axtumn

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  6. AnimeJunkee

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    So many awesome changes! I love it! :smile:
  7. hell0emi

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    Jesus, Anime-Planet, it's not even Halloween yet and already y'all giving out tasty Christmas presents.

    (Thanks for all the awesome work, you cool cats. It's super appreciated!)
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  9. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Oct 12, 2019
    Wow, an amazing update!! Thank you!!
  10. Giggityx3

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    Looks amazing ;o
  11. AngryJellyfish

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    Always nice to see changes for the better. :)
  12. keifire

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    I want to say I love your page, thank you so much for everything! It is really good and always improving.
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    Content warning instead of tags is neat.
  14. BlaizeV

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    Sad about losing the ability to mark the status of stuff in related Anime. Used to be able to see what you had scored everything in a franchise or add a whole franchise to want to watch etc all from one place. The amount of steps added to that now is huge. A really useful section full of information for the user and easy access to edit status and the like has been removed with no replacement it seems.

    I like the design but I can't lie that I'm quite disappointed about the loss of this feature as I used it all the time.
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  15. Nottiex

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    Good to see, but please do something with related anime section. I mean in previous version you could see what related anime you had seen and what score you gave it, now it is just blank.
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    I am liking these changes. Better aesthetics and good functionality.
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    For the FIRST time since I became a member in 2014... I DISLIKE to go with the changes which it adopts!
    There are many reasons why I switched from MAL to A-P.

    I understand that you want to make A-P ... "modern" ... everywhere?! ...

    This is what I found after flying through for five minutes ...

    The biggest issue...
    The "table view" is away. This was the fastest way to see if... I have watched, dropped, want-to-watch or even "still" not marked.
    It is a very important feature for me.
    Compare VS. old:


    The left side is totally empty and doesnt feel nice to look at it. It was better at the left side, instead of middle now.
    Compare VS. old:


    What is this bug? Where are the Quality Checker before the update goes live?


    Why aren't the numbers in the middle anymore? While the Manga numbers are middle...
    Compare VS. old:


    That needs optimization fix!


    The font is bigger where you made changes... Its not that I need glasses to read this all, but its too huge! This doesn't go well with the flow of the overall website! You need to decide... everywhere big or let it how it is. Of course I love the font size how it was before and not this big one. I came to A-P because it has the optimal font size for me.

    Here are examples... Its just too big!!!




    Last but not least... If you are going to remove/change this hilarous achievements with beard.... I am done.

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  18. howtoprocrastinate

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    Love the update <3
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  19. ChalamiuS

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    We're a small team of volunteers, we can't test literally the entire feature set of the site. Feedback is welcome but that is just rude.
  20. SONNYxq

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    Many people are visiting it... It needs Quality Check before it goes live.
    After you changed something...


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